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POTD: Maxim Silent Firearms Co.

Did you ever think that a suppressor could be a collectible? I didn’t really until now. In this Photo Of The Day, we’ll take a look at a suppressor made by Maxim Silent Firearms Co. around 1910, over 110 years ago.

In relation to Sweden Makes Suppressors License Free from the first of July 2022, Mr. Håkan Spuhr wrote:

Finally suppressors are free! Or almost! Almost, as the requirement is that you must own a gun where the suppressor fits in order to legally own it.
Shown on these pictures is an early Maxim supressor. It was likely made in the 1910s.
The suppressor was invented by the son of Hiram Maxim who made the world’s first automatic gun and the patent is from 1909. The Maxim company is still around and big in silencers for engines.

I can make out “Maxim Silent Firearms Co. New York Pat Match 30 1909”.

Note that the Maxim suppressor is offset from the center of the barrel.

There is more information from The Armourer’s Bench: Springfield M1903 with a Maxim Silencer and Forgotten Weapons.

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