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HomeSurvivalThe Eli Drill. (Elijah Dickens.) Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol.

The Eli Drill. (Elijah Dickens.) Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol.

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In a shooting range video, attempting to recreate the 80% hit accuracy at 15 to 20 yards in 15 seconds of the Indiana Impromptu Mall Defender: The Eli Drill. (Elijah Dickens is pictured above.) I’ve read that he was armed with a compact Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol. He demonstrated commendable speed and accuracy, under pressure. Early reports cited an engagement distance of 40 yards, but that was later corrected to 15 to 20 yards. But regardless, he still did some fine shooting!

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Reader Cathy N. suggested this 28-minute Deutsche Welle documentary: Preppers: Sweden bracing for the worst.

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H.L. sent this: Poll: Nearly One-Third of Voters Believe They May Have to Take Up Arms Against the United States Government JWR’s Comments: I’m one man, with one vote. But inevitably in many nations, elections are blatantly rigged, or they are suspended, or indefinitely postponed. It is then that substitute votes must be cast from the treelines. A phrase such as: “No pasarán” makes for great fodder in reports filed by starry-eyed journalists. “No pasarán” is a slogan of collective resolve. That particular one originated during the Spanish Civil War, spoken in words and sung in songs. Just words. In the end, words of resolve must be backed up by deeds of substance. A “no” vote is always tallied when it arrives at 2,790 feet per second.

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The latest from Tamara K.: Don’t Become a Fudd: A How-To Guide

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Video from Laura Ingraham: Voting With Their Feet. Cali, NY and Illinois depopulating, moving to Florida, Texas…

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Commentator Paul Joseph Watson talks about the COVID mask mandate mantra: It’s back.

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Jim L. had this comment:

“Excellent essay by StF.  I especially enjoyed this:  ‘If you zoom in on Photo 4, you’ll notice I won’t be taking home the blue ribbon at the county fair but as my great grandpa used to say, “They ain’t much for looks but they’re he** for stout!” The bowl on each spoon was carved using a Dremel tool instead of the carving chisels that fine craftsmen use. When looking at them people dubiously think to themselves, “These look like someone turned a 16-year old loose with a Dremel tool.” The spoons don’t have to be pretty, just heavy duty.’

He is a “can do” fella.

Regarding precious propane:  For any pot, pan, or kettle a lid will save propane by allowing the contents to come to a boil more quickly as more heat stays inside the pot instead of escaping into the air. Data shows that water will boil in about three-fourths the time it takes to boil with the lid off.

I offer an alternative.  Build a rocket stove.

In a grid-down world, propane will not be delivered.  We will still want to preserve food.  Wood is abundant. Keep up your good work.”

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D.S.V. mentioned this, published by Organic Prepper: Amazon Bans the Sale of Opaque Mylar Food Storage Bags…to “Combat Drug Trafficking”.

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St. Funogas offered these lengthy comments:

“There were two excellent thought-provoking articles I enjoyed in July: Where Are Your Red Lines by Domesticated Ranger and An Important Truth by Kevin S.

For anyone preparing for TEOTWAWKI, being forward thinking and looking at all the possible what-if scenarios are just as important as beans and bullets and possibly more so if you ever want to get a chance to actually eat those beans.  I think the most important what-if scenario we can look at is exactly how we’re going to prepare for the nasty situations that will inevitably arise: causing bodily harm or death to other survivors.  JWR warned readers, “The following article is graphic, and not for the squeamish. Some folks should probably skip reading it.”  If the article had a Part 2 it would be so graphic and disturbing it wouldn’t be publishable.  No, I’m not talking about cannibalism.  Still, it’s a what-if scenario that IMO is even more important than where our red lines are with strangers.  Where are our red lines with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors?  That event will arrive much sooner than having to face our red lines with strangers.

You and the spouse have a year’s supply of food to make it through Year 1 after the grid goes down.  As the Schumer is hitting the fan, son and daughter manage to make it home.  Now they’re down to 6 month’s rations.  Divorced daughter brings two of your grandchildren and that elderly couple down the way who’s always been there for you only has a few week’s food on hand.  Now you’re down to three months of food.  For those of us living in the country the only roving hordes are going to be our friends and neighbors, who, if we don’t feed, now consider us a selfish enemy and will take what they need by force.  Share it with 8 of them and now your food is down to 6 weeks.  Can you see how quickly your 1-year supply for Mom and Pop turns into a mere weekend picnic for all your unprepared friends, acquaintances, and family?  The only way to stop that is outlined in Domesticated Ranger’s article on red lines.  Deciding where to draw those red lines for our neighbors is just important, and 100 times more difficult, but still must be faced, and way ahead of time.  There are other considerations which, as I said, couldn’t be published in an article, again not talking about cannibalism, but those most difficult what-if scenarios must all be considered, planned for, and decisions made now.  It’s called TEOTWAWKI because everything we know in the world today won’t be the same after the SHTF, most of all, us as individuals.  We’ll have to act in ways that never crossed our minds before, which many of us won’t have the guts to do so we’ll pay the ultimate price.  Start looking at the very difficult red lines we’ll all need to draw and start mentally crossing those difficult bridges now.  Just for fun this afternoon, make a list of all your family, friends, and acquaintances who would most likely be knocking on your door when the SHTF and ask yourself, “How long will my food last?”

On An Important Truth: Kevin hit the nail on the head when he talked about propagandists using our emotions against us.  Emotions are by definition irrational.  You can bet your beans if a stranger is touching our emotions, we’re being played.  Democrats have their set of emotions to be played, and Republicans their own set, with some overlap.  If someone is appealing to your patriotism, the good old days, freedom (which cannot exist under a government), the military, vets, Mom, or apple pie, you’re almost certainly being played.  Something called the Patriot Act has to be a good thing right?  Everyone was all emotional after 9/11 so it was a piece of cake to pass that most egregious act.  Selling the war in Iraq would have been impossible had Baby Bush gotten up to the podium and told the truth, “My fellow Americans, Iraq has started selling oil in Euros instead of PetroDollars which puts our whole fiat currency situation in grave danger.  We have to attack Iraq and kill a lot of innocent civilians in the process so we can send a strong message to every other country which sells oil.  Now, let me first explain what PetroDollars are and then I’ll segue into why we need to be sure nobody else follows Iraq’s example…”  “Betty, what time does Gilligan’s Island start? [Mr. President, you’ve already surpassed the 30-second attention-span limit!]  Betty wake me up when President Boring is done yapping! Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z”  The truth doesn’t touch peoples’ emotions.  Lies do.  In seven seconds Baby Bush sold 92% of Americans on the idea of attacking IRAQ when he said just four lying emotional words, “Terrorists!  Weapons of Mass Destruction!!”  Be careful of anyone touching your emotions, [as] you’re about to be played.

Thanks, Kevin and Domesticated Ranger for those two important articles.”

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Another from D.S.V.: UK Government confirms the Triple / Quadruple Vaccinated account for 91% of all COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022.

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Over at RevolverThere’s something curious about Ray Epps’ “denial”…

JWR’s Suggestion: Don’t miss reading the comments. There is a healthy level of cynicism.   This was one of my favorites:

“Everything in DC is Kabuki theatre. It’s all staged. All concocted. Double and triple agents. Espionage and counter-espionage….often involving the same people and agencies. It’s all a head fake intended to keep citizens wondering, guessing, entertained, enraged, in-fighting and at one another’s neck — so that the flee[c]ing is unseen and unchecked.”

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B. & K. mentioned this, to file under The truth is stranger than fiction: Miami preparing to send 200 discarded guns to Ukraine.

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Reader H.L. sent this link and comment: Watch a wind turbine disintegrate in Texas after a lightning strike.

“Quoted: ‘We’re not equipped to handle that kind of fire. Nobody in the area really is to speak of.’

What idiots are in charge of putting up wind turbines everywhere.  I did not know each turbine needs HUNDREDS OF GALLONS OF OIL FOR THE GEAR BOX – AND MINERAL OIL.  They want to stop all oil drilling.  As my Grandfather would say, ‘educated idiots’.  Unkind remark, but true.”

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John Whitehead: Digital Authoritarianism: AI Surveillance Signals the Death of Privacy.

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Paul K. wrote:

“I enjoyed the article; An Important Truth, by Kevin S.  The fact that we are easily manipulated by folks out there keen to manipulate us for their purposes is one that we should be constantly reminding ourselves of.
Unfortunately, I must most heartily disagree with Kevin S (in part).  I certainly don’t want to come off as insulting him in any way though.  He is clearly someone that thinks – and that is good.  And I certainly agree that folks should get out from behind their phones (and some of the other wasteful media)
From many articles describing the Founders, it seems a common thread is that they wanted us to internalize the responsibility we must have to be educated enough to vote – wisely.  Those that live with their head in their phone — AND  — those that tune out really cannot be relied upon to help us pick the folks we need – especially now.
With the proliferation of so much noise and clearly destructive messages out there – enough to make the Tower of Babel look like a kindergarten game –  our primary challenge is to both stay tuned in AND determine the ‘truth’.
(This web site and the effort of Mr. Rawles makes this  one of the ‘trusted’ places we can find decent fodder for thought – like the article being discussed)
We often point at ‘them’ – a relatively small group of people out there that are trying to manipulate us.  ‘They’ have various names; The Left, The Globalists, Antifa, BLM, etc. – but it is still a small group of people.
If we recognize they are manipulating us – don’t we ask ourselves – why?  ‘They’ control the press and the government and so much else, but even with that, the polls keep showing us that ‘we’ are moving in ways opposite of their intentions.  This movement away from the manipulation can only be done by folks that are, at least minimally, tuned in.
My recommendation after reading this excellent, thought-provoking article is not to tune-out but to do the exact opposite.  But, added to that I would further react by saying — because — we are being manipulated – Trust No One!
Every piece we see, no matter the source, should carry the recognition we are being manipulated.  When we understand that – and to what purpose – we can put it in the context that fits our personal morals.
It is important that we do that to do our part as the Founders intended – and they gave us a wonderful framework to live in. Thank you Kevin S. and Mr. Rawles!”

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Andre spotted this article: You Could Have a Digital Twin Sooner Than You Think. What Might It Do With Your Data?

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And lastly, from H.L.: Deep Water Under The Colorado Plateau Reveals a Hidden Surprise.


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