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iSportsman Offers New Customized Packaging Prices

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.— To enhance the management and land control needs of recreational areas of all scope and sizes, iSportsman is now offering customizable pricing and packaging options for agencies, organizations and companies that offer recreational management on their lands. iSportsman works with clients who serve more than 400,000 recreationists across 10.6 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. The new pricing offers those interested in iSportsman the ability to adjust the features necessary to manage their program and keep within budget.

Organizations can now get iSportsman for as low as $5,999 with the Core Service Package. Other competitively priced packages, such as the Sales Package and the Lottery Package, range from $7,999 to $9,999.

Features in these packages include but are not limited to:

  • Website & CMS Initial Setup
  • Registration
  • Permit Sales
  • Check-in/Out
  • Harvest Surveys (limited)
  • Email Messaging
  • Online training (8hrs)

For the full suite of services iSportsman also offers the Unlimited Package which starts at $34,999 and offers the following features:

  • Website & CMS initial Setup
  • Registration
  • Permits (free)
  • Check-In/Out
  • Area Scheduler
  • Harvest Surveys
  • Email Messaging
  • Merchant Service
  • Integration
  • Lottery Services
  • Online Safety Brief
  • Interactive Web Maps
  • BOLO
  • Secure Doc Transfer
  • Full Survey Suite
  • Harvest Controls
  • Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Users, Areas, Activities
  • On-site training Included (8hrs)

Additional options and add-ons can be included in any package deal.

Additional options and add-ons include but are not limited to:

  • On-site Training: $2,000
  • Weatherized Kiosk: $14,000
  • Ruggedized Tablet: $2,000
  • Software Setup: $700
  • Internet Connectivity
  • FedRAMP Security: $4,199
  • Ongoing Site Content Support
  • Merchant Service Integration: $2,999
  • Lottery Service: $3,400
  • Online Safety Brief: $1,799
  • Interactive Web Maps: $4,999
  • Harvest Controls: $1,699
  • 24-hr Reservations: $3,499
  • Telephony: $9,299

Since 2009, iSportsman has seamlessly migrated hunting and fishing programs for federal and state agencies to a digital platform. iSportsman reduces staff administrative costs and saves approximately $86,000 annually per location. Visit for more information.

About iSportsman: iSportsmanTM is the leading recreational program management tool by ASciS Solutions in the nation, serving the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corp, Army National Guard, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. ASciS delivers customized SaaS solutions for more than 10.6 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways across the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit for more information. 

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