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House Democrats Not Reacting Well to Those Who Oppose Their Latest ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

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House Democrats were mighty proud of themselves last night after Speaker Nancy Pelosi twisted just enough arms to get an “assault weapons” ban bill passed…the first since 1994. Given how well that worked out for them last time, you’d think they’d be a little more cautious about the electoral results, but some Congresscritters simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crow a little bit.

One of those boastful buttheads was Illinois Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. The Chicagoan issued the tweet above shortly after the votes were tallied.

But in a 50/50 country, one with 100 million gun owners who value their Second Amendment rights, not everyone was appreciative of the Congressman’s legislative efforts. So when one fellow Twitter user let Rep. Garcia know that he has no intention of complying with an unconstitutional gun ban, well, the Congressman didn’t take it well.

This was Rep. Garcia’s response . . .

We’re not exactly experts in modern social media etiquette, but it seems that using the word “retarded” as a term of disparagement isn’t really as sensitive, caring, or inclusive as .gov officials — Democrats in particular — like to portray themselves.

Calling the dissenter a “fucking dipshit,” however, is probably a step up from the Democrats’ usual epithets of choice — terms like “racist,” “Nazi,” “violent insurrectionist,” and “white supremacist” — they default to for anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia
Ill-tempered Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, D-Ill. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It’s possible, of course, that Garcia’s social media accounts are handled by a pathetically snowflake-ish intern who fired off this ill-considered response (it’s since been taken down, of course). But it’s hard to believe an employee — even am utterly useless millennial twit — could have thought this kind of response on behalf of the boss was a really good idea.

Which makes us think this intemperate response actually came from Rep. Garcia himself.

Garcia’s great moment in Congressional leadership wasn’t the only current example of a House Democrat exhibiting an unusually thin skin for a big time politician. California’s Loretta Sanchez showed an equal amount of propriety, grace, and class earlier this week during the annual Congressional baseball game charity fundraiser.

Republicans in the opposing dugout should probably count themselves lucky that the bird was the only thing directed their way this year and not incoming fire from an angry lefty with an AK-47.

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