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Texas Father Shoots Would-Be Carjackers, Saves Children Inside Vehicle

A Houston father stopped two suspected carjackers last month while his two small children and wife were inside the vehicle, KHOU11 reports.

The incident happened shortly after midnight on Monday, July 11, as the family was pulling up to their Harris County home in an SUV.

Footage of the harrowing encounter was caught on a nearby doorbell camera. It shows the two would-be carjackers pulling up behind the family’s SUV and opening the rear door.

That’s when the father, a law-abiding citizen armed with a handgun, engaged the threat.

“The adult male feared for the safety of his family and fired shots and struck both suspects,” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Twitter.

“The wife was driving and drove away after the shooting to get away from the suspects,” he added.

The father fired at least four shots and hit both suspects. While their names have not yet been released, police said they are both 16 years of age.

No one in the family was injured.

A little while later, a car picked the two suspects up and brought them to a local hospital. There they were deemed to be in “stable and in fair condition,” according to the sheriff.

The investigation is ongoing and presumably, charges will follow.  

Gonzalez says that the father was within his rights to fire and as such will not be charged.

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