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New From Primary Weapons Systems: BDE Line of Suppressors

I got a little behind-the-scenes peek at PWS‘ new BDE 762 a couple months ago at the NRA Annual Meetings, and was impressed by the obvious thought that went into its design as well as by the extremely precise machining. There’s a truly satisfying tactile feel to correctly-cut threads, and screwing together and removing the baffles on the BDE 762 has it nailed.

The BDE series — which Primary Weapons Systems claims is short for Bravo Delta Echo but Urban Dictionary and I have other theories — is DMLS (which legitimately stands for direct metal laser sintering) printed from titanium and is highly modular. An initial baffle stack section is mandatory — basically ensuring a minimum level of sound suppression — and then four subsequent baffles can be individually added or removed as the user desires to achieve his or her ideal balance of length, weight, and sound suppression performance for their host firearm and intended use.

TTAG should receive a loaner unit relatively soon and I’ll put it through its paces at that time. At this time, PWS’ press release follows:

Primary Weapons Systems Introduces New Suppressor Line

Boise, ID – Primary Weapons Systems announces launch of the BDE® (Bravo Delta Echo), constructed with state-of-the-art 3D printing titanium technology.

Introducing BDE® (Bravo Delta Echo), the revolutionary new suppressor line from Primary Weapons Systems. The BDE® 762 is the first suppressor manufactured by PWS and the first to be released in the BDE® line.

This suppressor is constructed of lightweight titanium alloy, commonly used in high-strength components in medical, motor sport and aerospace applications. Its modular design allows for easy customization, shipping with four removable baffles as well as two wrenches for quick configuration.

The baffles are constructed on a state-of-the-art 3D printer at PWS, then finished on in-house CNC machines. The 3D printing allows for a more effective, complex, and lighter weight construction of titanium than traditionally machined parts. The entrance chamber, being the serialized component, features a universal 1.375×24 TPI pattern allowing for compatibility with a variety of existing suppressor mounts. Each baffle is taper-threaded to minimize carbon locking as well as loosening, both commonly seen on suppressors. The internal baffle notches are symmetrically designed ensuring accuracy is not impacted, while the non-modular baffles allow gas to be diverted to lower the backpressure. The exterior design of the suppressor has been engineered for both form and function, to dissipate heat mirage and help keep the line of sight clear. All components receive a titanium anodizing treatment for a nonporous and anti-galling surface, then high temperature Cerakote is applied on the exterior for a sleek finish.

“One of the things I’ve always admired about PWS has been the ability to innovate. The addition of additive manufacturing (3D printing) capabilities to our Boise facility will further accelerate that commitment,” says CEO Nate Treadaway. “We feel confident that the BDE® 762 has versatility and performance characteristics that simply can’t be replicated with traditional suppressor manufacturing processes.”

BDE® 762 suppressors are now shipping to select dealers. For more information, visit

About Primary Weapons Systems 

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) was formed in 2008 as a rifle component company and has since grown to be one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the Northwest. PWS initially made firearm accessories and compensators, but quickly moved into firearm manufacturing as they developed their PWS Long-Stroke Piston System which takes the operating system from Kalashnikov’s AK design and merges it with Stoner’s AR platform, giving a hybrid rifle to shooters looking for a low-maintenance yet reliable and accurate firearm. PWS manufactures AR-15s in .223 Wylde, .300BLK and 7.62×39- all with the long-stroke piston operating system. Also manufactured by Primary Weapons Systems are lightweight buffer tubes, steel body buffers, accessories, and a wide selection of compensators for firearms both piston driven and direct impingement. As of 2022, PWS was purchased by Vigilant Gear, LLC.

For more information, visit or @PrimaryWeapons on Instagram & Facebook.

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