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7 Best Turkish Shotguns & What to Look for When Buying

“Have you ever heard of XYZ shotgun?”

That question pops up so often in shotgun social media groups. XYZ often stands for some oddball Turkish-made shotgun no one has ever heard of.

Rock Island Armory VR60, VR80, and VRBP-100 Shotguns

These are on the affordable side of the firearms market and have various, often very long names that combine words and numbers to create some interesting titles.

Affordable guns aren’t necessarily bad guns by any means, and Turkish shotguns aren’t inherently terrible. However, purchasing a cheap Turkish gun can sometimes be disappointing.

Some suffer from reliability, long-term durability, accessorizing, parts replacement issues, and more.

Rock Island Armory VR60 Shotgun forend

But many people see the appeal of budget-friendly shotguns…a pump-action is a pump-action, right? Why spend $300 when you can spend $150?

We’re going to spend some time talking about Turkish shotguns – pros, cons, why you might want one, and why you might prefer to look elsewhere.

So, keep reading to learn more!

Summary of Our Top Picks

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The Problem with Turkish Shotguns

The market is flooded with these shotguns…hundreds of them are now available.

And Turkish companies keep pumping them out at a variety of price points.

Something Of a Poor

Sometimes the same shotgun has completely different names. For example, the GForce GFP3N shotgun is the same as the Dickinson XX3B-M-2.

The problem comes from reliability issues, parts breakage, and a lack of accessorizing.

All these little companies pop up and disappear seemingly overnight.

How exactly can you ensure you purchase a Turkish shotgun with confidence? Well, that’s why you came here, right?

What to Look for When Buying Turkish Shotguns

Brand Matters

Who is importing and selling the Turkish-made shotgun? That’s a pretty big deal.

Not all Turkish shotguns are made the same; some are decently high-quality weapons at a budget price point.

Cash Cannon
Us on payday

American brands like Mossberg and Italian brands like Stoeger both sell some Turkish-made shotguns that are very well made.

Some companies only import Turkish-made shotguns but have good quality control and customer service.

For example, Armscor and Rock Island Armory import the VR series of semi-auto shotguns, and they work, and RIA stands behind their product.

How Long Has the Shotgun Been on the Market?

A lot of importers of Turkish shotguns are seemingly fly-by-night companies. They pop up with a random name, pump out a ton of shotguns, get a bad reputation and fade away.

Then they pop back up with a “new” shotgun with a new name…but the same problems.

Look at how long the shotgun has been on the market. That’s a good indicator of success.

If you’re looking for the Eagle Hawk 900XS N M2 and don’t see a lot of results, then it’s likely new, or it’s been renamed.

Obviously, consulting reviews can help, and so can looking for customer experiences. I typically type in “Eagle Hawk 900XS N M2 problems,” and at the end, I’ll use a forum I respect like the Shotgun World, ARFCOM, or even Reddit.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is how long the company has been around and look at how long they’ve been selling that particular model. That’s a pretty good indicator of a good shotgun.

What Does the Aftermarket Look Like?

Typically, if a shotgun is successful, it will gain some form of aftermarket support.

Even Turkish guns often achieve some level of support if they don’t suck. Sure, it might never touch the Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 series in aftermarket support, but a little aftermarket can go a long way.

Remington 870
Remington 870…want to talk about an aftermarket…

If an aftermarket exists, then the shotgun likely has staying power.

Is it a Clone?

Some Turkish-made shotguns will clone a gun, or at least clone parts of it to produce a new shotgun.

Sometimes it’s an official, licensed or legal clone; other times, it uses expired patents, and sometimes it’s a straight rip-off.

For example, Stoeger, which is owned by Beretta, who also owns Benelli, has Turkish-made guns using the Benelli Intertia system. Remington’s 870 also sees a healthy amount of clone designs.

Stoeger M3500

Cloned designs use a proven-to-work system, although materials matter as well.

A clone doesn’t always indicate a quality gun but is a clue that it’s at least using a proven design. Plus, the aftermarket might be opened to you as well.

Best Turkish Shotgun Companies

Some people like things simple, and they want to know what shotguns from Turkey work.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of companies with various shotgun formats that come from Turkey and function well.

1. Mossberg SA-20 & Reserve Series

Mossberg imports a few guns from Turkey, although most of their shotguns are American-made.

Two series that stand out in the Mossberg lineup are the SA-20 and the Reserve series shotguns.

Mossberg Reserve (Photo: Mossberg)

The SA-20 shotguns bring the light recoiling 20-gauge round to an affordable, semi-automatic platform.

Mossberg imports this gun in various configurations, including numerous hunting, youth, and even tactical models. It’s lightweight, affordable, reliable, and easy to shoot.

The Reserve series includes the Silver and Gold models.

Both are made by Khan in Turkey and provide a nice over/under shotgun setup for clay pigeons and upland birds. The Gold Reserve comes with a variety of features that are tough to beat at this price point.

2. Stoeger M3000/M3500

As mentioned, Stoeger is owned by Beretta (and Beretta owns Benelli). These three companies make fantastic shotguns.

The Stoeger brand can use some of Beretta and Benelli’s features and operating systems but produce the guns in Turkey to help lower the price.

Stoeger M3500 (Photo: Stoeger via Facebook)

The M3000 and M3500, for example, use the Inertia System that made Benelli famous.

These guns come in all manner of configurations. You can get snow goose guns, deer guns, tactical home defense models, and even 3-Gun-specific designs.

The pump-action P3000 series share a lot in common with the always awesome Benelli SuperNova and Nova series shotguns, including the rotating bolt.

These are very competent shotguns that are also in tons of different configurations.

What do you think of Stoeger? Rate them below!

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3. Armscor/Rock Island Armory VR-80

Rock Island ArmorylArmscor imports a variety of shotguns. This includes my favorite Turkish-made, mag-fed shotguns, the VR-80 and VRBP-100.

Rock Island Armory VR80
Rock Island Armory VR80

The VR-60 and VRPA-40 are fine, but I love the VR-80’s design and embrace the VRBP-100.

These shotguns have been around for a few years and have gained the respect of many shotgun fans, especially for 3-Gun.

They have magazine capacities between 5 and 19 rounds, and the VR-80 can use AR stocks and pistol grips. The designs are solid, they are reliable, and they are a ton of fun to shoot too.

4. Hatsan Escort

When I say Hatsan shotguns, I can only speak to the tube-fed, pump-actions. I’ve used a Hatsan Escort extensively.

It was my home defense choice for many years because I could afford it.

Best Budget Home Defense Shotgun

I’ve hunted with it, enjoyed it at the range, and still enjoy it.

The Hatsan pump-action shotguns are solid shooters with little to complain about.

5. TriStar  Viper G2

Okay, as I said about Hatsan, I can only speak for the traditional tube-fed guns with TriStar.

TriStar does this cool thing where they import top-of-the-line shotguns outfitted with tons and tons of features at a great price point.

(Photo: Tristar via Facebook)

Their tactical shotguns are cool, but their sporting shotguns take the cake. The Viper G2, for example, is a fantastic shotgun. It’s also imported from Turkey and is affordable.

The semi-auto, gas-operated gun gives you a featured-filled design without breaking the bank. It’s soft shooting, ergonomic, and swings brilliantly.

Their tactical shotguns are surprisingly well made and quite simplistic but effective. TriStar is one of the more prominent importers and has earned its reputation for quality.

6. Charles Daly 601 Series

Charles Daly used to manufacture a variety of guns, but now they act as an importer, and their imports include a variety of Turkish-produced shotguns.

Chiappa, an Italian firm, owns them, and Italians seem to know their shotguns.

(Photo: Charles Daly via Facebook)

The current crop of Charles Daly shotguns that bear mention is the 601 series. These come in various configurations, from clay pigeon shooting to tactical guns.

They are affordable gas-operated guns stuffed with several features. This includes rotary bolt operation; Beretta chokes compatibility, plenty of sight options, comb adjustments, and more.

The options are not endless, but they’ll fill any shotgun niche you have. They tend to be soft-shooting and lack the overgassed nature of many imported shotguns.

I’ve owned a few Charles Daly firearms, including a .410 AR-15 upper and a 9mm AK pistol.

I’ve reached out with questions and requests for manuals, and their customer service has always been super responsive.

7. Winchester SXP Series

The Winchester of today is nothing like the Winchester of old. In its past, Winchester made some awesome shotguns, like the M1897, 1200, and Model 12.

The SXP series tout themselves as the fastest pump-action on the market. They do feature a rather slick action that’s easy to work.

These guns descend from the old Model 1300 Speed Pump guns. It’s important to note that these are American designs but Turkish produced.

They are all-around great little guns with a wide variety of models on the market. My personal favorite is the new trench model. However, there is something for everyone in the SXP lineup.

Final Thoughts

Though Turkish shotguns sometimes get a bad reputation, with the right knowledge and some good brands by your side, you can make these budget-friendly guns work!

The guns currently on the list stand out amongst a crowded and seemingly ever-growing field of Turkish-produced scatterguns.

Rock Island Armory VR80 Fire
Fire is fun

Have I missed any? If so, let us know below. Looking for something for home defense? Check out our list of the Best Home Defense Shotguns!

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