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For Today’s TFB Podcast episode I’ve brought on a recent acquaintance of mine, Tara from How I Carry. How I Carry is basically Tara’s online presence and what she does is specializes in what I think is a very underserved market – concealed carry advice and reviews for women. With more and more women taking interest in carrying concealed for themselves, the type of information that Tara provides could prove to be quite important – possibly even lifesaving for these new concealed carriers. Today I ask Tara about her best training, firearms, and gear advice that she has for other women. We also talk a bit about her journey from a non-gun owner, to a concealed carrier, to a budding competitor!

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Tara with How I Carry (Concealed Carry For Women)

In today’s episode of the TFB B-Side podcast, I’ve brought on Tara with How I Carry. We don’t often get too many women on this show but today that changes. I wanted to give our listeners some concealed carry advice for the ladies in our lives, from another lady. Who better than Tara?!

Tara is a firearm and concealed carrier who has come a long way in a short time. Today Tara shares with us her journey of getting over some hurdles when it came to the idea of carrying concealed, and how that turned a necessity into a new passion.  Today Tara and I discuss what she does, some of her tips for other women when it comes to carrying concealed, and a few of her personal recommendations for firearms, gear, and accessories for both new and old concealed carriers. Please welcome Tara, with How I Carry to the show.

If you’d like to check out some of Tara’s reviews, or great firearms memes, you can follow her on either her blog or her various social media links below:

Website – It’s How I Carry 



TFB B-Side Podcast: Tara with How I Carry (Concealed Carry For Women)

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