The Best Five Rifles for Deer Hunting


There are countless reasons why you may want to go deer hunting this season. You may want to spend quality time with friends or family, enjoy a weekend in the outdoors by yourself, or hunt enough game to fill up your freezer with meat.

Regardless of your reasons for going on a hunt, you must ensure that you are using the proper equipment to achieve the results you desire. While you may have a great rifle safe at home, you also need to have quality guns and ammunition in that safe to take out when you are going hunting.

Regardless of your skill level and experience as a sharpshooter, you will have an extremely hard time aiming and firing at deer in the wild without the proper weapon. Below is a guide that outlines the best five rifles for deer hunting in 2022.

1. Remington 7600

A classic, the Remington 7600 is an outstanding choice if you are going hunting in the near future. The gun is very similar in its functionality to a shotgun, with the first shot extremely fast. It also carries extremely well in the hand, while it is not too heavy when you are lugging it around on a hunting trip.

These pump action guns are an excellent option if you are only going out to shoot deer. While you should not be aiming from a significant distance, even if you are hiding in the bushes waiting for a deer to emerge, there should be no accuracy issues with this gun.

2. Marlin 1895

Another gun that has become part of the culture in some parts of the United States, the Marlin 1895, is a great hunting option. This gun features a 22-inch barrel, while there is also a model that has an 18.5-inch barrel.

Even though this gun has its roots in the 1800s, there is still a lot of use that you can get out of it on a trip. The classic aesthetic means that you should not have an unfamiliar feeling when you hold this in your hand and pull on the trigger. The pump action mechanism is also extremely fast and accurate, ensuring you can quickly get your gun ready to shoot if you see a deer.

3. Remington Model Seven

Another stellar option from Remington is the Model Seven gun. This bolt-action rifle is becoming more and more popular among hunters, as it is extremely fast to use and shoot. People who are not as used to a gun of this style may think it is slower to use, but the opposite is the case.

If you do invest in a Model Seven, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with its mechanisms. The gun does handle and fire slightly differently compared to other deer hunting rifles that you may use. When you get some practice at your local gun range, you can feel confident when you go out to hunt deer in the wild.

4. Browning BAR

A semi-automatic rifle that is extremely popular among American deer hunters, the Browning BAR is a stellar choice if you are looking for your first hunting rifle. The reason the semi-automatic gun has become more prominently used for hunting is that you can get in multiple shots without having to reload each time.

If you are someone who prefers to hunt in a more adventurous way, such as shooting at deer when they are in fast motion, you may find this gun is your best option for a hunting weapon. Regular rifles are great if you are catching the animal off guard as it ambles around, but are not so helpful if the deer starts to run away.

Using a semi-automatic, you can get in three or four good shots before you have to worry about reloading.

5. Savage Model 99

Even though the Savage Model 99 is no longer in production, you can easily find it on used gun shelves around the country. A lever-action rifle that is tailor-made for hunting, the Model 99 was such a revelation during its initial launch because of the way it merged lever weapons with modern cartridges.

The best Model 99 version for deer hunters is one that accommodates the .358 Winchester cartridge, while the model that was chambered for the .375 Winchester is also a very good option.

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