Woman Taking a Shower Hears Her Children Screaming, Then Shoots Home Invader Dead




We’ve run a number of posts in the past on the benefits of home carry and even shower carry. Yes, shower carry. We’re not crazy enough to think that many people actually do that (shower carry), of course, but stories like this one from Milwaukee might enlist a few converts.

It seems a woman was showering when she heard her two children begin to scream.

From tmj4.com . . .

Without hesitation, she raced to her bedroom, grabbed her gun, and ran into the hallway to face down the intruder, she said.

“It all happened so fast — an adrenaline rush,” she said.

The woman — as so many have done — had bought a gun for personal protection.

The mother bought the gun ten years ago, she said, after discovering a man sleeping under her son’s bed. She said she hoped she’d never need to use it.

There’s probably quite a story there, but back to the current situation. She used the gun she’d bought years ago when the home invader wasn’t deterred by a couple of intimidating hounds.

The man, she said, was already being attacked by her two pit bulls, but she shot him multiple times because “he wouldn’t stop coming.”

The ballistic dissuasion stopped the attacker and he won’t be attacking anyone any more.

“I knew I’d be able to do it [shoot the intruder],” she said. “To protect my kids.”

Don’t threaten a woman’s children, especially one who has the necessary tools to defend them and herself. Police haven’t yet released the room temperature thug’s details, but does anyone really think this is his first brush with criminal activity?

The case is now in the hands of local prosecutors who, given media reports of what happened, will rule this a case of lawful self-defense and a justifiable homicide. The woman and her children probably won’t be sleeping well — or even at all — for the foreseeable future, but at least they’re alive and otherwise unharmed.

A couple of very valid bromides bear repeating here — you are your own first responder. When seconds count, police are only minutes (if you’re lucky) away.

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