Dallas Homeowner Fatally Shoots Attacker


A fatal shooting occurred last month in Dallas, Texas when a suspected thief charged a lawfully armed homeowner.

Authorities said on Saturday, July 30 around 11:03 p.m., officers responded to a shooting in the 2600 block of Quinto Drive.

According to NBC5 DFW, the homeowner used deadly force against the suspect after the suspect verbally threatened the homeowner while pretending to possess a weapon.

The perp charged the victim twice before the victim eliminated the threat, according to police.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was taken to a local hospital for treatment but was later pronounced dead.

Just like many other states, Texas honors the Castle Doctrine and is a “stand your ground” state.

When there is a reasonable fear of great bodily harm or death, the use of force, including deadly force, is permitted under the law.

Texas Penal Code 9.32 also states:

Furthermore, the person defending themselves has no duty to retreat if they had a right to be in the location, did not provoke the person they used deadly force against, and was not engaged in criminal activity.

When investigators arrived to the scene, the homeowner was fully cooperative. He was not taken into custody.

Though it appears this is a good shoot under Texas law, a grand jury will ultimately determine if the homeowner will face charges.

Know your local and state laws on self-defense and justifiable use of force, including deadly force. Remember, there are no safe places! Get educated and get proper training on how to defend yourself should you ever find yourself in the same position as this Dallas property owner.

About the author:
Kenzie Fitzpatrick is the Owner of Reticle Up, LLC, a marketing agency specializing in working with businesses in the outdoor industry. She is a firearms instructor, a professional competitive shooter, a certified AR-15 armorer, and the host of the Reticle Up Podcast. She’s a positive voice in the 2A community, traveling the country to attend firearms events and sharing her passion with others.

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