How To Take Back Your Weekend After A Slump


For most professionals, the idea of an enjoyable weekend is a distant dream. Unfortunately, slumps in life are real and feel like they will last forever—a cycle of working hard and reaching nowhere. People in a slump would rather spend their weekends indoors, lazily curled up on the couch or bed, or catching up on tasks they might have missed during the week.

Overcoming a slump is challenging because it evolves into a routine you follow every day once you fall into its web. You feel that it’s better to deviate from activities that are “too” comfortable if they alienate you from others and limit you from experiencing new things. 

However, help is here! Here are some practical tips to reclaim your weekend after a slump.

A Weekend in or Out

Weekends are extremely valuable for the average working person or small business owner, because it’s when they catch up on pending tasks or get more work done, whether self-imposed or company mandated. According to a recent study, nearly seven out of ten people treat Saturdays and Sundays just like any other weekday.

The continuous lack of real weekends pushes you into a slump. Meaning consistently staying in and not going out to the point that you get comfortable with doing less than more. And the results are alarming. From being disconnected from family and friends to feeling like an under-achiever, getting out of a slump is the call of the hour.

Getting Out of a Slump

The struggle you experience when you get used to spending time alone or being home during the weekend gets overwhelming with time. Once it becomes a routine, getting out of a slump turns even harder, particularly when you are accustomed to spending weekends or holiday time off in a certain way.

If you love yourself and care for people around you, it is high time you start working towards reclaiming your weekend. Here are some tips to help you spend the weekend after being inactive during your days off.

Call a Reliable Friend

Instead of sending your weekend alone, call a reliable friend or friend and ask them if they would want to hang out. You don’t have to be out with them the whole day. Meet them for lunch or dinner, or go on a ride with them to the countryside. Your main task here is to push yourself to go out again and surround yourself with people other than your colleagues.

Find Reasons to Go Out

If you run errands that require going out during the week, consider scheduling them on the weekend. This will give you a reason to get out of your house on Saturdays and Sundays than on the weekdays. For instance, if you go grocery shopping on your way back from work, strike that off and consider doing it on Saturday.

Make Scheduled Plans

The biggest challenge in overcoming a slump is suppressing your urge to come up with excuses to avoid going out during the weekend. For example, you might plan to visit a friend on Saturday, but at the last moment, you might make an excuse to squeeze yourself out of the commitment. 

Instead of scheduling random things for the weekend, consider something that will motivate you to stick to your plan, like a paid event. If you have already paid to attend the event, you are likelier to stick to it.

Include Your Family

Consider reconnecting with your family by joining them on weekend outings, or plan weekend activities together around what you all will enjoy as a unit. A meal is a great way to fix and strengthen relationships. If you are okay with splurging a little, host a dinner party at home. 

If not, organize a BBQ picnic with friends, head to an amusement park, or go on a hike to the nearest mountain. Nevertheless, ensure you use sunscreen, sunglasses, especially comfortable prescription sunglasses for kids that are finicky with wearing or keeping them on – as well as outerwear depending on the weather and the needs of a weekend or the day out.

Take a Break from Technology

Being connected to your smartphone or laptop on the weekend will only do you bad. It will taunt you to check your email, edit documents, and scroll through social apps, preventing you from relaxing. So, if you wish to have a peaceful weekend, sign off from any work duties or responsibilities, and take a break from technology.

Put Yourself First

Just because you follow a routine during the weekdays doesn’t mean you should stick to the same on the weekend. Instead, take up something that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and will benefit your personal well being. Don’t have any ideas for the weekend? Consider the tips listed above, and start your journey towards fun weekends.

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