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Are you looking for that finishing touch to your NFA MP5? Zenith Firearms has just announced the preorder availability of their new ZF-5 / MP5 A3 collapsing stock! This new stock is constructed from steel, and features a polymer butt pad, and 4 different positions that the stock locks into for various lengths of pull. The new ZF-5 / MP5 A3 collapsing stock from Zenith should round out any Zenith MP5 or genuine H&K MP5 out there.

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New ZF-5 MP5 A3 Collapsing Stock Available for Preorder

Zenith MKE 4-Position A3 Retractable Stock, Full Size 9mm MP5/Z-5RS. Constructed from strong steel with black finishing and a black polymer buttplate, this full-size 4-position A3 retractable stock is designed to install to Zenith roller-delayed firearms such as the Z-5, Z-5RS and other full-size MP5 variant firearms chambered in 9mm. This stock is installed with a large take down pin (sold separately) and easily slide to four different lengths via a button at the 6 o’clock position. The small yet durable frame of this stock makes it an ideal addition to any full sized MP5 variant firearm and provides the shooter with a variable level of control to fit any and all shooting styles.

Ho Ho Ho! The New ZF-5 MP5 A3 Collapsing Stock (Available for Preorder)

The Zenith ZF-5 / MP5 A3 collapsing stock features genuine H&K MP5 A3 design specs and is going to be compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, SP5, MP5-SD, and other full-size MP5 pattern firearms. However, all this is going to come at a cost. Although the ZF-5 / MP5 Zenith brace is available for preorder, its standard pricing is set at $649.95 and its current on-sale introductory price is still a whopping $599. Tack that onto your already expensive MP5 clone or genuine MP5 platform, throw in a $200 tax stamp and you’re out nearly $3500. However, if you’ve gotten this far into the article and are still reading after that last sentence, you’re probably not concerned with the price, you just want to know when you can get the parts. The ZF-5 / MP5 A3 stock will be shipping soon and current ZF-5 owners and Hero Program customers can get access to an additional discount on the stock by emailing [email protected] for their exclusive coupon code. For more info, you can visit

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