Biden Says He Is ‘Determined to Ban Assault Weapons’ Following Midterms



President Biden has big plans for America, and on Thursday he laid them out before a crowd at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD.

“We will codify Roe v. Wade, we’ll ban assault weapons, we’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, we’ll pass universal pre-K, we’ll restore the childcare tax credit, we protect voting rights, we’ll pass election reform, and make sure no one, no one has an opportunity to steal an election again,” said Biden.  

Biden later said he is “determined to ban assault weapons” and urged citizens to use this as a litmus test for choosing which candidate to vote for in the upcoming midterm elections.  

“If you’re not, we’re not going to vote for you. Period,” Biden said. 

The president also took a shot at Donald Trump’s MAGA (Make American Great Again) movement, saying it’s “like semi-fascism.” 

“What’s happened is there aren’t many real Republicans anymore,” Biden explained, adding, “I respect conservative Republicans. I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans.”

Biden and Trump are virtually neck and neck in 2024 presidential polls.

A recent Emerson College poll released last Friday had Biden over Trump by one percentage point: 43 to 42, with 8 percent voting for another candidate and 6 percent undecided.

But as Spencer Kimball, the executive director of Emerson College Polling, noted, “This is the first time since asking the hypothetical Trump-Biden matchup this year that Biden outperforms Trump.”

About the author:
S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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