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If you don’t know the distance to your target, it’s not impossible but difficult to hit it in most cases. Above you see U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lt. Robert Rogers, a combat engineer officer with 3rd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Group, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, as he fires an M4 carbine. It’s a pretty cool image with gun smoke and a visible red laser, just the way I think most of our readers like our POTDs to be. The location is Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan, Aug. 16, 2022.

While we have your attention: In another event, at U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, we have Marines peering through the prototype of the Next-Generation Handheld Targeting System. It looks like a pretty large “device”, but is most likely quite useful in spotting and targetting accurately. If I could, I would like to review one, and call in a few A-10 Warthogs just to see if it worked.

The Next-Generation Handheld Targeting System, or NGHTS, is an innovative, man-portable targeting system allowing Marines to rapidly and accurately conduct target location and laser guidance during combat operations.

Below: Lance Cpl. Dwight Amos peers through a prototype version of the Next-Generation Handheld Targeting System, March 2021.

Photo source: U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Sydni Jessee and Tonya Smith (12)

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