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If you’re looking for the best in terms of accuracy out of an AR platform, one of the first things you should take a look at is your barrel. Some barrels are inherently better than others and aside from the type of ammo you’re going to need for it, there are a few other considerations on an AR that will aid in accuracy. However, a properly matched receiver set can also be a boon to accuracy by providing the user with extremely tight tolerances, and a near-perfect fit between the upper and lower. Unbranded AR has just announced that they’re bringing back their Billet Receiver Sets due to popular demand.

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Unbranded AR Billet Receiver Sets Are Back! (W/Ambi Bolt Release)

Our Billet Series Receiver Set features matched lightweight upper and lower receivers machined from billet 7075 aluminum. These receiver sets are precision machined, sharp in feature, and add a foundation upon which no other entry-level AR15 receiver set in the market is constructed. Everyone will enjoy the enhanced performance, trusted reliability, and superior handling that our Billet Series Receiver Set brings to their next recreational, sport shooting, and professional AR-15 build.


  • 7075 T-6 aircraft grade billet aluminum
  • Hard Black Anodized
  • M4 feedramps
  • Accepts any Mil-Spec dust cover and forward assist
  • Ambidextrous Bolt Release
  • Weight: 12.7oz
  • 100% USA Made

Unbranded AR Billet Receiver Sets Are Back! (W/Ambi Bolt Release)

Each new Unbranded AR Billet Receiver Set will be sold for a current sale price of $219.99 (list price $399.99) and will ship with all the parts necessary to take advantage of the ambidextrous bolt release. However, you’ll still need to supply all of the other parts that a normal stripped upper and lower would need in order to completely populate the receiver set.  As a general rule, forged receivers are considered to be stronger than billet receivers but also lack the customizable and cool shapes that you’ll often see on billet receiver sets. Billet receivers also often take advantage of advanced designs that are only possible because of the way in which they are made and as a result, they can often have tougher characteristics when it comes to high-stress areas (billet receivers will often have beefed up areas where there tends to be more stress). However, both forged and billet receivers can be very high quality and you really can’t go wrong with either! For more information on the return of Unbranded AR’s Billet Receiver Sets, you can visit http://unbrandedar.com/.

Unbranded AR Billet Receiver Sets Are Back! (W/Ambi Bolt Release)

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