Remington Updates a Classic With the New Remington 700 Alpha 1 [VIDEO]



When you think of Remington, a few models come immediately to mind. Along with the 870 and 1100 shotguns, maybe the first gun you think of is the venerable Model 700 rifle. First made back in 1962, tens of millions of Model 700 bolt action rifles have been bought and used by hunters, target shooters, police and the military.

After the bankruptcy and dissolution of the old Remington, the first thing most gun owners wanted to see the new RemArms (the company now making Remington firearms) do is to turn out those very popular classics once again, making them with the build quality and tolerances generations of hunters and shooters had known and loved.

The oldest gun maker in America dropped the video above over the weekend, announcing an update to the Model 700. While we haven’t see one yet, Ron Spomer has and lists a dozen updates Big Green has made to the iconic rifle platform. Spomer writes that . . .

…the new Alpha springs from the M700 but includes many of the “upgrades” M700 fans have been asking for for years.

See his sight for the list of upgrades. The new model isn’t on Remington’s site yet, but it appears that the Model 700 Alpha 1 will have a lot of the features the old Remington included on some of its upgraded 700 versions, but will now be the new standard.

Details like release date, pricing and model specifications aren’t known yet. In the mean time, this appears to be a very good sign from a maker of guns that Americans have used and loved for more than two centuries.


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