NEBO High Bright 9000 Illuminates Any Space


Nothing is worse than needing a nice, bright utility light in and around the home, only to settle for something lacking power.

Whether in a garage, a closet, a basement, or an attic, nothing can help more than a lighting source that illuminates the space completely without the hassle of a major installation. A proper utility light will keep family members safe by ensuring no one is injured while stumbling around in low light.

Not to mention a light that can used quickly without extra cords and without generating excess heat to the space where it is being used.

NEBO has such a utility light that can illuminate many areas around the house while not needing any special equipment to operate, and it’s easy to install.

NEBO’s new HIGH BRIGHT 9000 is an LED-based utility light that will chase away the darkness and bathe any area in bright illumination.

This extremely bright 9,000-lumen light can be added almost anywhere without batteries, rewiring or changing the fixture, as it fits in any standard household light socket.

Each of the HIGH BRIGHT 9,000’s four adjustable LED panels can be tilted 90o to direct light exactly where needed.

With a reach of 80 meters, the HIGH BRIGHT 9,000 provides 1100% more light than a standard 60 watt bulb, all while being energy efficient. It’s quick and easy to install and can operate in minutes out of the box, with a standard screw base. Once installed, just switch ON, and the light is ready to go. 

Part of the handiness of the HIGH BRIGHT 9,000 is its size. Weighing under a pound, it collapses down to a height of about five inches high, five inches wide and is less than five inches deep, making it easy to place where ever it is needed.

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NEBO HIGH BRIGHT 9000 Utility Light


  • 9,000 Lumen Light Mode
  • 80 Meter Reach
  • Four Adjustable LED Panels
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • 1100% More Light Than A Standard 60W Bulb
  • Energy Efficient – Only 60W
  • Standard Screw Base
  • Switch ON To Activate


  • MSRP $49.99
  • SKU NEB-ARE-0001


At NEBO, we believe that breakthroughs and big ideas always require unconventional thinking. Having sold over 30 million of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools, we never stop creating. We expand the possibilities for our consumers by offering more than just the brightest lights on the market. At NEBO, we continually innovate to offer the highest quality LED lighting products at the best price so that you can keep making and doing. We exist to bring light to what you do. Visit us at

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