These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTF


The sheer number of skills that are required for surviving a SHTF situation or TEOTWAWKI event are colossal, and few people will have achieved all the skills necessary.

This is one of the reasons why people form groups to help their chances of survival. Having the right people around with a range of skills and experiences will undoubtedly help.

Apart from the pooling together of skills, there is also mileage in the old adage, ‘safety in numbers’. A group is much more capable of protecting itself from attack than one or two people alone.

The increased number of a group will also make it possible for some to stay awake at night to keep a lookout for danger. Survival is a time-consuming activity, but teams working together can achieve many things in a shorter amount of time.

SHTF events can be natural, manmade, short term, long term, involve societal collapse, or be apocalyptic. Different types of catastrophes and the strategies chosen to overcome them will determine which skills are the most important at that time.

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Generally speaking, if the strategy is to bug in, then preppers will be the go-to people. When people need to bug out, then survivalists and ex-military will most likely have the skills needed.


Preppers have a whole range of knowledge, skills and experience that they have been honing for a long time.

They will have stockpiled food, water and other supplies ready for a SHTF situation. Homesteaders will know how to grow their own fruit and vegetables as well as raising livestock.

This self-sufficient lifestyle includes water purification, use of herbal medicines, cooking from scratch, making and mending things for themselves, and food preservation skills.

Homesteaders can live without the gardening center’s chemicals as they have organic ways of fertilizing crops and keeping pests under control.

They may even have their own off-grid power generating equipment or have the ability to live without electricity.

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Preppers have an incredible range of skills and would be valuable members of a group.

Survivalists, Campers And Hikers

These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTF

These people know how to survive off the land in the wild using a few key tools. They have the skills to make fire, form shelters, get food and water, administer first aid and navigate a course.

The ability to make a fire, preferably using a variety of methods, is one of the most important skills needed for survival.

Fires serve to cook food, purify water, keep you warm, give light and can be a deterrent to predators.

Knowledge of what to eat in the wild is another key aspect of survival. Survivalists have plant knowledge that enables them to identify what can and cannot be eaten.

They also know how to hunt or snare an animal, fish successfully, and then how to clean and cook their catches.

Ex-Military Personnel

These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTFEx-military personnel and survivalists share the skills of navigation and use of firearms. They are the experts in map reading and navigating unknown or dangerous terrain and will be able to get the group to safety.

They will also help defending the group from attack with their tactical training.

However, ex-military personnel also excel in leadership, problem solving, teamwork and determination. Their training gives them valuable skills that can help tremendously in a SHTF event.

They are effective leaders and problem solvers who are able to quickly assess situations and come up with solutions. Being trained to respond to chemical, biological and nuclear attacks can bring some serious insights to these types of situations.

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Ex-military personnel are extremely disciplined and have loyalty, duty and determination in their blood. They see missions through no matter what, and in this case that means survival of the group.

They understand probably more than anyone else the value of teamwork as that is how they have been trained. Knowing how to lead, motivate and coordinate the inputs of people with different skills will likely lead to success.

People Who Survived Other Catastrophes

These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTFAnother type of person who would be good to have around when the SHTF is anyone who has survived other disasters.

They have first hand experience and will have learned valuable lessons from it that could help in similar situations.

Survivors may know the problems to be expected and may have already made some preparations to counteract them. Through their experiences, they may have learnt the best way to survive the disaster and can pass on this knowledge.

Medical Personnel

Medical personnel, people with knowledge of first aid or herbal remedies will be crucial to the survival of the group as hospitals may no longer be functioning or impossible to reach.

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People may suffer traumas as a direct result of the disaster or may get sick or injured in the time that follows. Having some trained medical professionals will help, especially if they have stockpiled some medical supplies, medications and have health monitoring equipment.

People With Knowledge Of Herbal Remedies

These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTF

If medications are not available, herbalists or people with knowledge about herbal remedies will be invaluable.

A whole host of ailments can be treated using herbs, flowers, roots and barks. It will be useful to have someone who can correctly identify them and administer their use properly.

Simple as it seems, infections can quickly take over even in a small wound, which if not treated can lead to death if the infection gets into the bloodstream.

Trade Skills

People with trade skills such as welders, builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters may be useful to make or fix items and improvise when necessary.

They possess the tools of the trade to enable them to carry out repairs, build or fortify a house. Blacksmiths are also able to make metal objects like knives etc. out of scrap metal.

All of these people can be valuable assets in a group that is determined to survive a SHTF event. Each type of person brings different skills with them and can teach others in the group.

Having the right people in your group will increase your chances of survival, and working as a team will also help to keep morale high.

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