Liberal TV Host Bill Maher Sells Comedian Jeff Ross on Gun Ownership, Defends ARs


Liberal television host Bill Maher sold stand-up comedian Jeff Ross on the tenets of responsible gun ownership during a recent filming of Maher’s podcast, “Club Random with Bill Maher.”

Maher, the longtime anchor of HBO’s “Real Time,” questioned Ross about why he doesn’t exercise his 2A rights (the conversation starts around the 5 min. mark in the video embedded above).

“I’m just afraid it will get turned on me somehow,” said Ross, quoting a myth often propagated by gun control organizations.

“Well, that’s such a bad attitude,” Maher replied.  

“Why?” asked Ross.

“Because you’re letting the worst possible event guided by the actions of the least capable people guide what you want to do,” explained the 66-year-old host, who has disclosed multiple times in the past that he owns firearms, including at least one handgun.

“We shouldn’t organize life around what the least capable, stupidest people do with something,” he added.

Maher then asked Ross this question, “If your house is invaded wouldn’t you want to level the playing field rather than somebody being able to have you at their utter mercy?”

Ross, who claims to have received a black belt in taekwondo when he was 10, seemed to understand Maher’s reasoning.

“Did you train?” Ross asked.

“Yeah, I’ve had training… It was one day.  You can get it in one day.  Should you brush up?  Yes, you should.  Absolutely,” said Maher.

“There’s no reason gun ownership shouldn’t be like any other license you would get, like to fly a plane. You don’t just walk in and start to fly a plane you have to qualify,” he continued.

Ross then quipped, “It does occur to me that I have a German Shepard I can’t control so that’s more of a liability than a gun I can control.”

As the conversation continued, Maher brought up America’s best-selling centerfire, semiautomatic rifle: the AR-15.

“I do not have an AR-15 or anything like that.  Although I understand why people like that gun,” he said.

“Why?” asked Ross.

“It’s a very good gun for like shooting someone across the room if they come into your bedroom or something,” said Maher.

But the controversial host also wanted to make it clear that he has no special affinity for firearms. To Maher, they’re just tools for self-defense.

“I’m a gun owner.  I’m not a gun lover.  I compare them to antibiotics.  I don’t ever want to use antibiotics but I’m glad they exist in the world,” he said.

About the author:
S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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