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It’s been a hot minute since Chinese AKs were imported into the US. Back in the mid to late 80s, you could purchase multiple configurations of these rifles including models featuring side folding stocks, underfolders, milled receivers, stamped, and spiker models like this one that PSA has finally released to the public. These of course came from a few different government factories going by Norinco, Polytech, and before them Clayco.

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Originally teased before SHOT Show 2022 over social media and forum posts, this PSAK features a proper 1.5mm thick stamped receiver, folding triangular spike bayonet, unique Chinese style furniture, and a forged front trunnion which matches the original Chinese pattern as well.


PSA Spiker Features:

  • PSA CHF CL Chrome Moly Vanadium Barrel
  • 1.5MM Stamped steel receiver
  • Hammer Forged Front Trunnion 4340AQ
  • Stainless Steel Hammer Forged Bolt
  • Stainless Steel Hammer Forged Carrier
  • 7.62×39 Caliber
  • 1 in 10″ Twist
  • Std. 800-yard rear sight leaf
  • “Norinco” Style Furniture
  • 30 round magazine (1)Spiker

The PSA Spiker seems to be just about a 1-for-1 clone of the classic Chinese rifle with the exception of its finish. Original Chinese guns had a blued finish. This finish could range from a deep blue to a hastily applied thin layer of blue that would come off from harsh language. In my experience of ownership of over a dozen Chinese AKs from all three of the big players, the latter and somewhere in between were most common. These new rifles have a Blue-black Cerakote finish which looking at pictures posted both on their website and social media seems to pull off the look pretty well while probably offering better wear characteristics.

The Spiker is currently available for $1099 on Palmetto State Armory’s website and while it sold out in less than 4 minutes the first two days it’s been available, it’s a daily production model with restocks showing up during the week around 4pm Eastern time.

What are your thoughts on this Chinese product that’s made in America? Let us know in the comments below!

All images from the Palmetto State Armory website.

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