VIDEO: Young Teens Show Off Their Illegal GLOCK Full-Auto Switches



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The ATF has been fighting a losing battle against “GLOCK switches” for years now.

It started as yet another illegal import from the likes of

Chinese GLOCK full auto switch (
Chinese knock-off GLOCK full auto switch (

ATF agents were scurrying around trying to chase down buyers of the switches. Back in 2019, they had their hands more than full trying to find he buyers of at least 2900 of the switches.

But thanks to 3D printing, there’s less and less need to resort to Asia for illegal pistol conversion accessories when it’s cheap and easy to produce them right here. And the plans are available for download to anyone who wants them.

As you can see from the Reddit video below, GLOCK switches appear to be readily available enough now that they’ve become a must-have accessory for the urban teen gun-owner set.

Yes, it’s still very much a felony to be caught with one. Then again, none of the kids shown in the video above appear to be close to 21 years old, so their possession of a standard semi-automatic pistol is a felony, too. They don’t look terribly concerned about any of it.

We’re obligated to repeat the standard warning here: don’ try this at home, kids. That said, as videos like this make clear and the ATF is discovering on a daily basis, you can’t stop the signal.

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