Burglar pries open window in middle of day, climbs into home’s back room — and meets elderly homeowner who shoots him dead


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An elderly homeowner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, fatally shot an intruder who climbed through a back window and into the house near East 14th Street and South Florence Place around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Tulsa police said.

What are the details?

KJRH-TV broadcast indicated the burglar pried open the window. According to the station’s story, a confrontation ensued between the elderly homeowner and the burglar, after which the homeowner shot the intruder.

The suspect then jumped out of the window and ran around to the front of the house, police said. KTUL-TV reported he collapsed on the home’s front yard. Police added that the suspect was pronounced dead when first responders arrived.

Image source: Tulsa police

The homeowner said he heard multiple voices, KTUL reported, but police said they searched the area around the house and found no signs of additional burglary suspects.

Suspect identified

Police identified the deceased burglary suspect as 32-year-old Scotty Villines, KJRH said in its story update.

The station said the homeowner was taken in for questioning and later released.

Police added to KTUL that anyone with additional information about the incident or other suspects can call Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

How are folks reacting?

Tulsa police’s Facebook post about the burglary and deadly shooting received well over a thousand comments — and many of them were happy about how things ended up. Here’s a sampling:

  • “Outstanding for the homeowner! Stand your ground! These thugs have gotten out of control with no consequences,” one commenter wrote.
  • “With crime so rampant, lots of people I know have loaded guns in their homes and carry when away from home. Criminals better take notice,” another commenter said.
  • “It’s sad when you can’t feel safe in your own home! I believe if you chose to break in[to] a house, then you chose your own death! You took that chance!” another commenter declared.
  • “This is exactly what needs to happen,” another commenter said. “We need to protect what we work for and not let these thieves take it.”
  • “Put a tombstone where he collapsed saying, ‘This is where the last home invader died,’” another commenter quipped.

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