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Stand-off devices for handguns are frame-mounted parts that form a shield in front of the muzzle to prevent the action from going out of battery when the muzzle of the gun is pressed against the target. There are multiple different stand-off devices for the most popular modern handguns, however, if you want to retrofit your 1911 with such a gadget, there are not too many options. Well, D&L Sports is one manufacturer that makes a dedicated 1911 stand-off device.

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DLSports Inc has been known for hard use custom 1911 pistols for decades. A custom stand-off device can be integrated into Professional Model pistols for front line duty personnel, entry teams, defensive shooters and those who expect CQB contact. The stand-off device will allow the pistol to keep firing even when it is pressed into hard contact with the target. The slide will not be pushed out of battery and into a non-firing condition like conventional semi-auto pistols. In the event of a strike with the pistol, the pistol will remain operational. A pistol light mounted behind the strike face of the stand-off device will be protected from damage.

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D&L Sports 1911 stand-off device is made of 7075 aluminum and has a hard coat anodized finish. It features a checkered front surface and a 5-slot Picatinny rail for attaching lights and lasers. This stand-off device is designed for 1911 pistols that have an accessory rail with at least three slots. D&L Sports recommends commissioning the first-time installation to a gunsmith for the best fit. The overall weight of the D&L Sports 1911 stand-off device is 2.5oz.

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D&L Sports 1911 stand-off device can be ordered via the company’s website for $150. The company also makes holsters compatible with 1911s equipped with their stand-off device.

Pictures by D&L Sports, Inc., www.dlsports.com

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