First Uvalde School Massacre Lawsuit Names Daniel Defense, Firequest International, and a Local Gun Shop


Courtesy Austin American-Statesman

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Lawyers seeking a massive payday have filed the first lawsuit in the aftermath of the Uvalde School Massacre earlier this year.  The attorneys have employed the “sue in depth” strategy, naming ten defendants including AR maker Daniel Defense, as well as the maker of an aftermarket trigger that was installed on the killer’s rifle, as well as naming the gun shop where the gun was purchased it the lawsuit.

One defendant not mentioned was the source of income which allowed a kid working part-time in a fast food restaurant to accumulate enough money to afford thousands of dollars in guns, magazines, ammo and holographic gun sights.

The New York Post has the news of the latest lawfare being waged against the gun community:

The families of three children who survived the massacre at Robb Elementary School have become the first to file a federal lawsuit in connection with the mass shooting, which left 19 students and two teachers dead.

The suit, filed Thursday in federal court in Del Rio, Texas, names 10 defendants in total, including the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, Pete Arredondo, the district’s since-fired chief of police, and Robb Elementary School principal, Mandy Gutierrez. It also takes aim at gun manufacturer Daniel Defense LLC, Firequest International Inc., which designed an accessory trigger system the gunman used; and Oasis Outback LLC, where the alleged gunman, 18-year-old [Scumbag’s name redacted] purchased his firearm…

“We are after accountability and damages, and because my plaintiffs are young, they will have to deal with the trauma of what they went through,” attorney Stephanie Sherman said. “It’s just a perfect soup of lack of care, and I can’t help but think this poor community was not protected in any way.”

“Not protected in any way,” she said. In other news, water is wet. At the same time it wasn’t Daniel Defense’s fault, nor that of the gun shop where the gun was legally purchased.

Whether people realize it or not, Texas law allows school staff to pack heat.  However, the Uvalde School District chose to make their properties “gun-free zones.”  (And even after this spring’s massacre, they’ve retained the policy for the 2022-23 school year that worked so well in the past… see page 63.)  Hence, no one inside that school had the tools to mount a defense of the children who were there.

And then there’s the matter of the Uvalde Schools PD standing around waiting for “resources” while the killer continued to massacre kids, and then for a while longer to let many of the wounded bleed to death.

Apparently the legal team representing the three victims thought they had an easier chance to score big bucks suing a gun manufacturer than the officers who watched – literally watched – the killer walk into the school carrying a long gun and then stand around as he killed his victims.

Notice at the very beginning of the clip the two Uvalde PD officers standing around on the right side of the frame, not challenging the rifle-toting kid. Not drawing their weapons and shooting at him, but standing there as the killer walked inside.

The whole thing is sickening. Which is why it’s in our best interests as parents to take a proactive approach with our own kids’ schools to make sure they have the best practice policies and procedures to mitigate the risk and protect our kids from another lunatic like the one in Uvalde.  Again, the life you save by doing so might be your son’s or daughter’s.

Meanwhile, ambulance-chasing lawyers will no doubt file additional lawsuits relating to the utter failure of school security in Uvalde, Texas.


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