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This is a review of the Concamo Ghosthood and some of the components in their Confusion Camouflage System. If you’re following TFB, I’m sure you’ve seen the Concamo images at least a few times. The images look great, and they have wonderful marketing cooperation with excellent companies like Heckler & Koch. However, I was very curious and thought our readers would be as well, what they would look like in the flesh. So I reached out to Concamo, and they were kind enough to send me some items in Concamo Green. The pattern is said to use 8 colors, blended through various elements and shadings to produce more than 60 layers of perceivable depth.

Concamo @ TFB:

Potential customers for this type of gear are soldiers, snipers, hunters, wildlife photographers and potentially law enforcement as well.

As you probably already noticed, this is a very image-heavy review. A review is a review, but when it comes to camouflage, I think the best way is to see unedited real-life images and videos and let the reader make up their own mind.

This is what Concamo sent me:

1. A002453 GHOST-HOODIE €199,99

Lightweight camouflage poncho to be worn over clothing and equipment. This is our premium products with a bunch of features.

Net weight: 424,00 g

2. A002454 GHOST-LEGS €119,99

Lightweight camouflage cover for legs and shoes. Can be used with filled cargo pockets. Also usable without the shoe camo.

Net weight: 232,00 g

3. A002458 TUBE-SCARF €19,99

Extra light and breathable tube scarf. Does not sit tight and hides the contour. One side is with an elastic band for secure fit. Also comfortable in warm conditions.

Net weight: 46,00 g

4. A002461 RIFLE-CAMO €79,99

Camo cover for most popular long guns. Covers barrel, scope, bipod and stock. It conceals the silhouette of the rifle. It also fits big silencers and long scopes.

Net weight: 132,00 g

Everything is Made in Germany.

How I tested

Apart from trying the Concamo myself, I gave my kids 10 bucks each and let them “model” in the Concamo gear. My son is 195 cm or almost 6.5 feet, so don’t get the word “kid” wrong. Most of the time the instruction was just to stand or kneel in a certain position, and not to hide. In most of the images, they are carrying an air rifle with a scope, with the Concamo rifle kit on.

Most of the time the camouflaged person is in the center of the picture, but not always. It will give your eyes and brain something to think about. You may not believe it, but a lot of the images have the object standing quite close – within 5-15 meters. With increased distances and lower-light conditions, it would have been virtually impossible to see any of the Concamoed objects.

Below: Shooting position, kneeling.

Zooming in.

In all fairness, there isn’t much hiding going on here. Just a kneeling shooting position in the grass and fern. In a hunting situation, imagine yourself just walking around and suddenly you see something and you just sit down.

Zooming out so you get an overview.

This is wide-angle and a bit distorted by the camera of the iPhone, but there isn’t much of the object to pick up here for the eyes.

Below: Far from an ideal place to be in terms of “blending in”, but in most cases, I think the eye would still be very confused. I presume animals might have it even more difficult.

Summertime: Another example of a far from an ideal place to be, but later or earlier in the season when the grass is dry it would work well. And this might actually work when hunting regardless, but a mixed-forest environment would rule.

And as soon as you have something behind you, you disappear. Search center, about 50 meters away.

Strangely (in my opinion) it works great to hide beside birch, with their white and black. Pine trees are great too, even better. This is fairly open terrain, in full daylight, and I think in reality the eyes would just scan past this. Imagine this being with poor light conditions. Side view below.

And a front view.

Bang! You’re dead!

As I mentioned in the introduction, the aim was not to take perfect shots, where the camouflage seems to work perfectly and market a product. I just want to show what it looks like in different situations, sometimes less favorable like the two ones below. In my opinion, Concamo still works quite well here.

The person below is 195 cm tall and not trying to hide, carrying a rifle. Look center, left side of the road. About 30 meters distance.

He is even standing in the light, not in the shadows.

Review Concamo Ghosthood Confusion Camoflage System

Below: Most of the body is outside/beside the tree.

Below: Close, in front of the tree. The design breaks up the contours of the head, shoulders and hands. Well, about everything an animal would consider a threat.

Below: Now you see me, now you don’t! Same position, wide angle, from about 15-20 meters. Confusion going on.

Below: Not in front of the tree any longer. Laying in plain sight, center right.

Below: In plain sight, 5 meters distance, carrying a rifle – I can only see a little bit of the exposed brown stock. My eyes (and brain) had a hard time understanding the difference in depth between the camouflaged person and the trees.

Below: It’s pretty sick how well it blends in. The barrel of the rifle is just gone, as well as the legs.

Below: Standing in the open air.

Below: An old apple tree works really well. Can you see her?

Below: There she is. About 165 cm or 5.4 feet tall.

Below: Kneeling in front of the bush, to the left of the apple tree.

Below: Difficulty level increases again. Prone behind the rhododendron.

Below: Just sitting in front of the bush to the right.

Below: Nike Air flip-flops are a clear giveaway.

Below: Almost like the Ents, the tree-like creatures in the Lord of The Rings, but this is my daughter with the Concamo Ghosthood 3 meters in front of the camera.

When someone is wearing the Concamo, I think it’s hard to judge where something begins and where it ends. There isn’t much contrast to pick up, and the depth is hard to tell. Also, it looks like there is moss and lichens growing on the gear, but that’s just part of the confusion. You can add optional 3D stripes if you want, but I don’t think it’s needed here. The face, hands and body are just gone.

Disappearing in direct sunlight. I don’t know how, but it’s like the patterns work like a chameleon, with the ability to shift in different hues and brightness. Except that shift happens in your brain.

Below: By the tree with the birdhouse. Kneeling. It’s not easy to find something when you’re anticipating where the object is, and it has moved.

And standing.

I didn’t want to make these examples too hard, because if anyone has time to prepare for their visual disappearance then you wouldn’t find them at all in these images.

Another example of where the object would be easy to spot normally, but if you were quickly scanning this area and others you might miss something.

Below: Prone, by the small pole to the left of the pump house. With a rifle pointing at you.

Below: By the tree with the birdhouse.

The suit is “flat” but it appears like it has depth.

Let’s take an even closer look at that.

Below: Low-kneeling, center, low left.

Below: Care for some cherries?

Below: Center, a little to the left. Standing.

Below: Not the perfect example. But there’s an AR10 in this garden, on a bipod.

Infrared Reflective Capabilities

Due to a lack of night vision equipment, I was not able to test Concamo’s IRR capabilities (infrared reflective), so we have to use their reference picture to give you an idea. Seen is a Ghosthood Ghost-Hoodie in Green Gen 2.

The Pulsar Axion XM30S Thermal Imaging Scope is used to look at a Swarovski STR80 spotting scope with and without the Concamo GhostHood.

Apparently, if you want some privacy from thermal imaging you can put the Ghost Hood on and be a little bit more discrete.

Concamo Ghost hood

The Concamo rifle kit.


5.11 Tactical cap for size comparison.

Concamo on Firearms

Finally, I just put some of the Concamo over a Benelli MR1 and a Browning BAR to show how it could work in a hunting situation. I made absolutely no attempt to “hide” the firearm or put it in a better position to get a better photo, but it breaks up the silhouette.

The tripod is a REKON Outdoor Gear, thanks to Scott Country International.

Available in green (pictured everywhere else), brown and beige.

Photo by Concamo.

Going thermal: Benelli MR1 .223 Rem with Pulsar Talion XQ38 and Browning BAR Match .308 Win with Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro.

I was stalking some animals with the Browning BAR and put the rifle down against a tree. It kind of disappeared. I found it really difficult to see where the front of the rifle starts and ends. The scope is Pulsar’s new Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro.

Brent0331 has a pretty good video with the UF Pro Concamo, in a woodland environment during the late winter time in north Texas. Around 8 minutes in – can you find him before you get shot?

The gear tested by me is a light fabric which you put over your normal clothes. If you want a proper uniform with Concamo you can check out UF Pro’s webpage.

Availability and Shipping

I know a lot of our readers are going to ask, so here’s the information from the supplier Concamo and their website. Within the European Union, shipping is 5,90€. International shipping with UPS is 29,99€ (including VAT) and they ship to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea and Vietnam. Note that any additional costs like taxes and customs will be paid by the customer.

Conclusion – Yes, Concamo is confusing! For the observer.

The camouflage works well even in plain sight, and I now use the Ghost-Hoodie on a regular basis. If you have the opportunity to place yourself beside a suitable tree, bush, rock or high grass, it’s even better. If you have the time and can get yourself with some branches in front and behind you, then you’re practically gone. It’s silly how well the confusion works.

I hope the images with my short description did the storytelling because it’s hard to describe.

concamo camo review

Putting the Concamo on or off is fast. The material is very light and compact. You could easily throw down a hoodie in your backpack in case you need to disguise yourself later on (imagine a hunting trip). I didn’t have any wear issues yet but probably didn’t use it as a full-grown Spec Ops sniper either. My only objection is a bit ironic because due to the confusing pattern it’s sometimes difficult to know what is up or down, and which part should go where.

If you’re not fully convinced yet, and just want to try one or two parts out, get the GHOST-HOODIE or the COMPACT-PONCHO (which is cheaper) to start with. You could add the GHOST-LEGS afterward, and if you want to hide your firearm get the RIFLE-CAMO as well. If you want to go further, then you can add “adaptive camouflage“, and add strips and leaves for a 3D effect. There’s a Gallery with more samples including winter camouflage here.

We hope you liked this review. Please tell us what you think about it and the Concamo products in the comments below. Have a nice day and stay well hidden!

You can find Concamo here: and

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