Delta Waterfowl and Manitoba Government Seek Your Input on Proposed Hunter Access Changes


Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development is considering changes that would impact all waterfowl hunter access in the province. An integral part of the consideration is public comment from all interested parties who have previously hunted, currently hunt, or may plan to hunt waterfowl in Manitoba in the future.

The proposed changes would address:

  • Limiting the number of waterfowl outfitters operating in Manitoba and restructuring their areas of operation.
  • Enactment and enforcement of stricter laws regarding illegal operation of foreign non-resident outfitters and guides in the province.
  • Options for capping the number of foreign non-resident waterfowl hunters permitted to hunt in Manitoba in any given year.
  • Options for limiting the number of days that foreign non-resident waterfowl hunters would be allowed to hunt in Manitoba in a season.

The vast majority of foreign non-resident waterfowl hunters in Manitoba are Americans, however Delta has supporters resident to all Canadian provinces and the United States, so the input from everyone with an interest in hunting in Manitoba is important to the process.

Delta has been in regular contact with the provincial authorities seeking to shape this proposed legislation to help all Manitoba waterfowl hunters with access issues and minimize additional restrictions on US hunters who wish to hunt waterfowl in  the province.

You can review the Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development‘s proposed changes in detail and make your views heard at You’ll need to scroll down on the landing page to the “Regulatory Accountability Impact Analysis” section and click on the “Policy Objectives” bar. There you can read the proposed changes, objectives and justifications. Then you can use the “Make a Comment” button in the upper right corner of the landing page to create an account and express your opinions.

Delta Waterfowl also wants to know where its American and Canadian supporters stand on these important issues, so before exiting the Manitoba comment page, please copy and paste your comments into an email to: [email protected].

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