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For gun nuts, it’s now officially AUGtober! Off to Austria then, to take a look at what’s going on in Lake Traun, or Traunsee, a lake in the Salzkammergut (Salzburg area). The lake has a maximum depth of 191 meters, and it’s a popular tourist destination, with medieval castles and other attractions. In our Photo Of The Day, we see members of the Austrian Jagdkommando combat divers with their Steyr AUG A3 SF rifles. This bullpup is used by Austrian Jagdkommando Special Forces and uses a 3x optic housing, which is lower than normal to make it more comfortable to use the red dot sight on top. The A3 SF version also has additional side rails, scope covers and an external bolt release.

They’re busy in a project called “Tiefenrausch” (Deep Rush), with the aim of recording the sound of the earth at a depth of 191 meters at the bottom of the lake. What do you think it sounds like?

“Klang der Erde” – The Sound of Earth.

See more images from the Project “Tiefenrausch” here: Flickr Album.

Images by: Vzlt Anton MICKLA and Romar FERRY. Bundesheer Events.

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