Convict reportedly rearrested at his own birthday party nearly 2 months after he escaped: ‘We won’t stop until you’re caught’


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A convict serving a sentence in a Connecticut halfway house who had escaped back in August was caught nearly 1,000 miles away at a birthday party that was to be thrown in his honor.

According to a Facebook post, deputies of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office in McDonough, Georgia, apprehended Forenza Rakeem Murphy last Saturday.

Murphy, 31, had been convicted of a robbery charge in Connecticut and was serving his sentence at a halfway house in Bridgeport. However, on August 8, the halfway house reported that Murphy had left the premises without permission. He allegedly managed to evade authorities for nearly eight weeks when police in Georgia — nearly 1,000 miles away from Bridgeport — received a tip that he was at a relative’s house nearby. At approximately 4:15 p.m. local time, police found Murphy, who was reportedly at the home helping to decorate for his own birthday party. He had turned 31 on September 24.


Murphy was then rearrested and transported to the Henry County Jail.

“If you make your way into Henry County, we’re going to get on your trail and we won’t stop until you’re caught,” said Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett, according to the Facebook post.

“It was a great collaborative effort with The Connecticut DOC that led to the apprehension of Murphy,” Scandrett added.

Murphy began serving his four-year sentence for robbery back in October 2019, so he had served nearly 75% of his sentence when he reportedly went on the lam. The Connecticut DOC website lists his maximum release date as March 19, 2023, just five months away. He is now expected to face further charges, though it is unclear what those charges will be.

The name of the halfway house where Murphy had been living has not been released. McDonough, Georgia, is a suburb of Atlanta.

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