Group of women in green bodysuits attack and rob two teen victims on NYC subway


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A group of six women in neon green full bodysuits attacked and robbed two 19-year-old female victims on a Manhattan train over the weekend.

According to police, the two young female victims were celebrating one of their birthdays when they were approached by a group of women wearing full bodysuits.

The assault occurred around 2 a.m. on Sunday while the two teens were waiting for a train to Times Square.

One of the victims’ mothers, who asked to remain anonymous, told the New York Post that her daughter and her friend “were on the platform going home. They were just literally standing to get on the train. These wretched grown women came down the stairs being all loud. They went to get into the train, and one of them bumped [the friend].”

The teens attempted to get away from the group by moving into a different train car, but the group of women followed them.

A video posted to social media shows one of the teens being repeatedly punched in the face and the other teen being thrown against the wall of the train.

The mom of one of the victims stated, “There was a woman with red curly hair, and she was helping [the teen]. And there was a man who took his sweatshirt off and helped the girls. He got hit. My daughter, she had like five of the girls on her at one time. [She and her friend] were both punched in the face.”

The mother noted that most bystanders did not help the young women but only recorded the incident. She told the New York Daily News, “They video instead of calling 911. It’s so disturbing for me as a mother that this is the world we live in.”

The mom called on city and state officials to curb the city’s rising crime.

“This is where Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul need to do something,” the mother told the New York Daily News. “All people watching this is how you get fame and glory. It’s grown women dressed as aliens beating on two teenaged girls and they’re all over the internet. This is their opportunity to make an example of them and start bringing New York back with some kind of law.”

One of the teens sustained bruising on her arms, stomach, and legs and a bite to the shoulder, her mother reported. According to the other young woman’s mom, her daughter suffered a concussion due to the attack.

Before the two teens could get away, the criminals in green stole a cell phone, wallet, credit cards, and other items. No arrests have been made at this time.

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