Has Mrgunsngear Found an Actual GLOCK AR-15 Rifle?




We’ve been teased/trolled by Photoshop jobs purporting to show oddities like GLOCK 1911 and AR-15 designs for, well, years. They’ve all been so much internet fluff.

Mrgunsngear, however, has come across some new images from the land formerly known as Great Britain that purports to show an actual GLOCK AR-15 rifle, dubbed the GR-115F. This thing has apparently been submitted for consideration in trials for a British military contract.

Watch the video above. Mr. GnG makes a very good case for thinking this is the real McCoy. The images of the rifle and its features correspond very closely to patent filings GLOCK has made in recent years, which Mr. GnG lays out very nicely.

We pass no judgement as to the rifle’s authenticity. We also respect Mr. GnG’s analysis and his opinion that this is likely the real deal.

Give us your thoughts below along with your level of interest in such a beast should it ever show up in your local gun store rifle rack.



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