FBI Whistleblower Says 90% Certainty that the Las Vegas Mandalin Bay Was an ISIS Attack


In this Oct. 2, 2017, file photo, drapes billow out of broken windows at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, following a deadly shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas. It took 11 minutes for the gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history to kill 58 people. Then he killed himself. A year later, Las Vegas police and the FBI have found no motive for the rampage. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

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Victoria Taft over at PJ Media has the story of an FBI whistleblower who has come forward with evidence that points to an ISIS connection to the Las Vegas massacre five years ago.  The incident claimed the lives of 58 people with nearly 900 injured or wounded.  Now, this former FBI agent says they believe there’s a 90% chance that ISIS Islamic terror organization was behind it.

Of course, the FBI still hasn’t publicly issued even an educated guess on the motive of the killer.  This despite his travel to ISIS hotspots, burner telephones receiving almost exclusively incoming calls, and the ISIS organization’s five claims that [scumbag’s name redacted] was one of their agents as they claimed responsibility for the attack.

Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuit
This October 2017 file photo released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Force Investigation Team Report shows the interior of [scumbag’s name redacted]‘s 32nd floor room of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas after a mass shooting. A federal judge wants Nevada’s highest court to tell him whether gun manufacturers and sellers can be held liable under state law for negligence and wrongful death in the case of a Seattle woman killed in the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting in 2017. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via AP, File)

From PJ Media:

It has been five years since [scumbag’s name redacted] stashed an arsenal of weapons in his Las Vegas hotel room and began spraying outdoor concertgoers with more than a thousand rounds of rifle fire, killing 58 people and wounding 869. Since the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre, there’s been neither an official nor satisfactory explanation for why [scumbag’s name redacted] took his assorted rifles and shot those country music fans. But now, an FBI whistleblower believes he has the motive.

Las Vegas Police issued a 138-page report on the shooting yet kicked over to the FBI and their experts the job of coming up with the motive.


In 2019, the FBI finally issued a short report claiming the accountant, real estate investor, high-stakes gambler, and former McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed employee acted alone and had no political or religious agenda. The nation’s formerly premier law enforcement agency could not determine a motive.

That seems odd, given the J-6 political prosecutions in which FBI agents attribute all kinds of malevolence to “white nationalists” and assume that anyone around the Capitol Building that day, regardless of color and ethnicity, was determined to overthrow the government with pepper spray and MAGA hats…

The PJ Media story goes on to outline how the FBI drug its feet for months on labeling the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando a Muslim terror attack.  Then Victoria Taft gets to the meat of the story:

Former FBI special agent John Guandolo told Turning Point USA in a recorded interview (below) that there’s a 90% certainty that the Las Vegas attack was a jihadi operation and [scumbag’s name redacted] was the conduit through which the terrorist organization attacked America.

In the interview, Guandolo said, “When you look at what actually transpired and put it together from a counter-espionage attack and counter-espionage look, the probability that was an ISIS attack is well over 90%.”

He said the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas FBI field office “got angry and dismissed it, and when presented with the information, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., dismissed it out of hand.”

He said, “The FBI both in Washington, LA, and Las Vegas that participated in that investigation can’t even begin to think of it as a jihadi attack, because number one, they still don’t understand what that actually means.” He continued, “they don’t understand what actually happens and they have no desire to understand what happened. So their knee-jerk reaction in these cases is always to dismiss that and point in a different direction, because they’ve been conditioned to do so.” He concludes, “I mean, it only points to an ISIS attack. It does not point anywhere else. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack five times. They said that guy, he’s our guy. We hail him, he’s a martyr.”

It seems like the FBI’s reputation grows more and more tarnished with each passing day under Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Also seems like possibly some thin gruel here? What say y’all?


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