SPP347: Everyday Carry & Prepping Gear with EDC Explained


In today’s podcast & Video, I have Michael (aka EDC Explained on YouTube) on to talk about everything involved with everyday carry and some of the most important prepping gear and supplies. 

When we think about everyday carry items we usually think about what we put in our pockets every day. But the truth is that much more goes into EDC items than a flashlight and a pocket knife.

While these prepping supplies and EDC supplies are important,  As they say, a carpenter is only as good as his tools. Anyone can go out and buy the best “tools of the trade” but if they don’t know how to use them, the house they build might not look like a house at all.

I go over some ideas and supplies for everyday carry items in this article titled “EDC From Head to Toe”, but this show goes into a whole lot more detail such as knowledge and skills first. Most of the items we carry everyday are stored in our heads, not in our pockets, purse, or wallet. After that we moved to EDC items, EDC bags, and EDC car supplies.

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