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Enclosed “box blinds” are weathertight, ideal for cold, inclement weather, reduce human scent, allow ample movement and comfort for the shooter, can be used for deer, turkeys, or scouting, and are available in a wide variety of shapes and options.

Better than a Pop-Up

Just as hunting from a pop-up or hub blind is becoming more popular, box blinds are a step up (no pun intended) because they are more permanent, better withstand weather, and allow deer to become used to the silhouette.  Box blinds become a hay bale, abandoned tractor, deadfall, or other shapes that deer adopt as normal.

Ideal for Newbies

They are perfect for young or inexperienced hunters and usually have room for a shooter and a companion, or two.  Youngsters can move around, take a nap, or play on their phone when game movements are slow and their frequent bobblehead movements won’s spook game.


Seniors Too

Box blinds are also ideal for older hunters.  Most stands are elevated, and most have a stair-step entrance often with a handrail for safety.  This makes getting into and out of an elevated blind much safer, especially in pre-dawn or twilight darkness.

Staying Power

Box blinds will keep you on the stand all day, thanks to their insulating value and the ability to use a comfortable chair and change sitting positions at will.  Sitting in an open tree stand for a full day can be a grind, but the enclosed blind allows you to enjoy a full lunch or snacks which helps the day pass more quickly.  Even on private land with multiple hunters, staying in the blind at midday greatly ups your odds for success.

Video at Will

If you like to video your hunts, an enclosed blind is a terrific benefit because you can keep your camera on a tripod and video animals without the risk of spooking them.  Most hunting TV shows use enclosed blinds due to the advantages of “filming” from cover and can function in wind, rain, and snow.

Party on the Porch

If I’m hunting alone, I like sitting outside and had my blind built with a porch so that I can use it like a tree stand.  Inside or outside, I can still rattle, use calls, and spray scents to attract deer.  During the turkey season, I store my decoys inside which eliminates the need to carry them in the field.

Check out these Popular Brands

Banks Blinds- You can spread out more, with the new Banks Outdoors Stump 3 hunting blind. It is a completely open 3-man blind for plenty of room for each person to hunt comfortably and it’s easy to add floor insulation, wall insulation or chairs for added comfort if desired. This structure offers the same 360-degree view as other Banks Outdoors blinds and is available in weathered wood and alpine green.  www.banksoutdoors.com 

Shadow Hunter– The Shadow Hunter Outdoorsman 5×6 blind is a high-performance hunting blind built like a builder would build a low-maintenance house – with aluminum siding and wood and premium insulation. The 5×6 blind is for the all-season hunter. The octagon shape provides 360-degree viewing with plenty of room for two people with the interior peak height of 77”. www.shadowhunterblinds.com 


“I was looking for a box blind for deer hunting and was advised to check out the Go Muddy blinds. Once I saw the Bull I knew it was what I was going to get. I got it just before deer season and son and son-in-law got it all set up for me. It was great using it for deer season. It has the 10 ft tower and was easy getting up and down the ladder with the rail. The blind was so quiet and comfortable. I have two young grandchildren who already like to hunt, so this will be great for them to come and hunt in the blind with me. I know it will be used many times in the future.”  Patty Stinger, Hartsburg MO. –www.gomuddy.com 


Redneck- These blinds are made from long-lasting fiberglass with durable gel-coat finish. The interior of the blind comes with a closed cell foam insulated ceiling, acoustical foam-covered walls, and a high-density foam pad underneath a marine-carpeted floor.  A mounted gear console and shelves with gun holders help organize your blind, and one Green LED Light under the front. Large tinted, tempered automotive-glass windows with whisper-quiet window hinges provide a clear view. High quality automotive window gaskets and door molding help keep your scent in, the blind dry and the pests out. The fiberglass bottom prevents rotting and varmint damage. www.redneckblinds.com 


Snap Lock. The double wall design achieves a greater strength to weight ratio than single wall designs and the lower weight makes it ideal for use on elevated platforms. All-purpose mounting strips (included) rotate to allow the blind to be attached to a platform or directly onto the ground. The double wall construction keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer by providing a barrier of insulation that single wall designs do not have.  Each Snap Lock Hunting Blind kit contains a panel with a full size, integral door with a molded hinge.  They assemble in 15 minutes.  www.snaplockhuntingblinds.com 


Blind Turtle– I have hunted from this brand of blind numerous times.  It assembles easily and is very transportable.  The door and windows function smoothly and quietly.  It is large enough for two people and has windows in all directions making for an effective ambush spot.  www.blindturtle.com 

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