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The Best Broadhead Deals During the Prime Early Access Sale

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In case you missed any deals the first time around, Amazon is putting on a second Prime Day event next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 11 to 12. We’ll be covering all the best hunting and fishing deals from the Prime Early Access Sale next week. But while we were looking through the upcoming deals, we noticed there were already some already great deals on some of the best broadheads going on. 

If you’ve been shopping around for a new end to your arrows—or if broadheads from popular brands like Rage and New Archery are already your go-to—you won’t want to pass up on these deals. Certain grains are already hitting low stock, so chances are they won’t be around a whole lot longer.

The Best Broadhead Deals

Razor sharp .035-inch blades fold in with Rage’s HexFlat design, and the shock collar system keeps them from opening prematurely. But once they hit, you’ve got a 2-inch cutting diameter. As with the other broadheads you’ll see on this list—and any from Rage, really—they’ll do everything you need. Get the right grain for your animal and you can’t go wrong. 

NC here means no collar, as these broadheads don’t require the hassle of an o-ring or collar. The hypodermic design lives up to that surgical name with a sharp penetrating hybrid tip. Behind that, you’ve got another pair of .035-inch mechanical blades that fan out upon impact for a 2-inch cutting diameter. They look scary, and they give big wound channels fitting of their look. 

And to keep all these new Rage broadheads, why not grab a Rage brand case? The EVA molded case has space for all your broadheads and shock collars (if you need them). Protect your broadheads, and you’ll extend their lifespan, making $10 a broadhead feel a bit more reasonable.  

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