Broomfield, CO City Council Moves Forward With a New Slate of Unconstitutional Gun Laws



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In its Bruen decision earlier this year, the US Supreme Court noted that the Second Amendment means what it says and says what it means. SCOTUS ruled that any modern gun control measures would have to follow the text, history and traditions of the 1790s.

Enter Broomfield, Colorado, a Denver suburb with a population of 74,000. Local leaders there have moved forward with a radical, comprehensive plan to make criminals’ lives easier.

Not only would the Broomfield City Council ban the possession, sale and transfer of popular self-defense firearms — so-called “assault weapons” — and the magazines that feed them, it would also raise the purchase age on some guns to 21.

The city council wants to require the registration currently-owned guns, ban homemade firearms and firearm kits, require warning signage at gun shops and a ten-day waiting period that starts after a background check approval is received.

But wait, there’s more, as the Sham-Wow guy says.

The city council would also ban carrying a gun – openly or concealed – at parks, government buildings, medical facilities, churches, stadiums, courthouses, banks, theaters, daycare centers, grocery stores.

Here’s the story from Complete Colorado . . .

After nearly three hours of discussion that included a rare allowance for public comment during a work session, the Broomfield City Council advised its legal staff to bring back for first reading a comprehensive list of new gun rights restrictions, despite an acknowledgement they will almost certainly be sued over at least some of the ordinances if passed.

At its recent work session, Broomfield legal council Nancy Rogers and Courtney Thiemann presented six ordinances for council to consider:

    • Ordinance A
      • Part 1 would make it illegal to possess sell or transfer an “assault weapon, large capacity magazine, or rapid-fire trigger activator” it would be a criminal violation punishable by up to $2,650 fine and up to 364 days in jail.
      • Part 2 would raise age of sale of shotguns to 21 — criminal violation.
      • Part 3 would create a grandfather clause for possession of:
        • Any “assault” weapon or large capacity magazine prior to effective date, but the owner would need to register the items with the Broomfield Police Department and follow several other regulations such as storage.
        • Rapid trigger activators would need to be removed from the city limits of Broomfield or surrendered for destruction.
    • Ordinance B
      • A ban on so-called “ghost guns” (unserialized homemade kit guns).
        • First violation of single weapon — fine up to $250
        • First violation of one or more weapons and an intent to sell — up to $2,650 fine and up to 364 days in jail.
        • Second or subsequent violations — up to $2,650 fine and up to 364 days in jail.
    • Ordinance C
      • Require signage for gun dealers: “Warning: Access to a firearm in the home significantly increases the risk of suicide, death during domestic violence disputes, and the unintentional death of children, household members, or others. If you or a loved one is experiencing distress and/or depression, call ….”
        • Criminal violation, first violation results in mandatory warning, second violation and on results in $500 fine.
    • Ordinance D
      • 10 day waiting period, up to $2,650 fine and up to 364 days in jail.
        • Both seller and purchaser can be held liable.
        • 10 days from initiated background check AND dealer has received approval.
    • Ordinance E
      • Open carry prohibition.
        • Any public place where public has access, except where firearms are stored or sold.
          • Criminal violation, first violation is a $500 fine, second violation and on is a $1,000 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail.
    • Ordinance F
      • Open and concealed carry ban.
      • Open and concealed.
        • Government buildings, public parks, playgrounds or open space, Broomfield recreation or community centers, within 500 feet of polling places.
      • Open and concealed unless given permission from the operating authority.
        • Other medical facilities, churches, stadiums, courthouses, banks, theaters, daycare centers, grocery stores.
      • Civil offense first offense up to $50 second and more $500, refuse to leave criminal trespass.

The city council is flexing its anti-gun muscles after the state’s preemption law was repealed earlier this year. And they don’t seem to care about the constitutionality of the laws they’re proposing.

It probably won’t surprise you to find out that certain key Broomfield city officials have close ties to national gun control organizations.

Mayor Guyleen Castriotta, Councilwoman Heidi Henkel, and Cori Shaff, wife of Councilman Deven Shaff co-authored a paper with Mom’s Demand Action Northern Region Director Lacey McGinty titled: “Social change starts with you.”

How long do they think these local ordinances, if passed into law, will remain on the books? Are they unaware of what’s happened to similar “assault weapons” bans in other Colorado cities? Perhaps they don’t care since the taxpayers will be the ones to foot the bill when these political hacks lose in court.

These radical utopian local “leaders” need to have their noses rubbed in the humiliation of defeat, rapidly and prominently, before they end up costing residents six or seven figures in legal bills.

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