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Aero Precision recently announced that not only would they be offering their first suppressor, but also their first-ever bolt-action receiver as well! The Lahar-30 is intended to be Aero Precisions suppressor offering for those who want to get into buying suppressors but are also worried about future-proofing their purchase so that it can be adapted to other platforms without needing to worry about barrel length restrictions or the type of QD mount you want to get into. Meanwhile, the Solus bolt action receiver was initially intended to be just a short-action receiver with swappable bolt heads, but now it seems (and all but 100% confirmed by today’s guest) that Aero Precision might actually be offering the Solus as a complete turn-key rifle. If you’re excited about either of these new product offerings from Aero Precision, then today you’ll get to hear from Aero’s Product Marketing Coordinator Kirk Foreman who is going to tell us all about Aero’s new products, as well as some of the things they’re doing behind the scenes to keep up with industry demand.

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #46: Kirk Foreman with Aero Precision

Today it’s my honor to bring on Kirk Foremen from Aero Precision! TFBTV’s James Reeves and I recently attended TriggrCon 2022 where Aero Precision brought pre-production versions of both their new Solus bolt action receiver and Lahar-30 suppressor. Both industry professionals and firearm enthusiasts were able to get their hands on these as-of-yet-released products at the show and were even able to shoot them and ask Kirk all about them. For those of you who weren’t able to make it to TriggrCon this year, today Kirk and I will discuss the new Solus Bolt Action receiver as well as the new full-auto-rated 338-capable Lahar-30 suppressor so that you guys can get primed for their respective releases during 2023. In addition, Kirk and I also discuss a few Pacific Northwest easter eggs hidden within the designs and names of some of Aero’s products as well as what Aero Precision is doing to expand and improve their manufacturing processes to meet the increased means of today’s firearm industry. Please welcome Kirk Foreman from Aero Precision to the show!

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #46: Kirk Foreman with Aero Precision

TFBTV’s James Reeves mounts the new Solus Bolt Action Rifle paired with a Lahar-30

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