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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #48: MIL-SPEC MonkeyThe Firearm Blog

Many of you will know the name MIL-SPEC Monkey from our previous work with him on TFBTV’s various morale patches. “Monkey”, as we call him, has been a military gear and weapons aficionado for quite some time with his study beginning within the video game industry while working on the America’s Army video game project that was commissioned and published by the United States Army. From there, Monkey was able to get real-world experience with a lot of in-use military gear and this sparked an interest that eventually lead him to where he is today. In today’s episode of the podcast me and Monkey talk about our thoughts on some products from TriggrCon 2022, how camouflage has been constantly changed and adapted over time, as well as his story on how he got into the business of making patches. Please welcome MIL-SPEC Monkey to the show!

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TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #48: MIL-SPEC Monkey

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #48: MIL-SPEC Monkey

On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, we’re bringing on Monkey… or rather MIL-SPEC Monkey. Monkey has been working with TFB for quite some time on the patron side of things by collaborating with us on our popular Secret Patches that are reserved for our deserving patrons. Monkey runs an online store that has everything from tactical gear, traditional morale patches, and of course goofy ones for those who like to show off their personality at the range. Monkey also is a very experienced researcher and producer of tactical gear and has roots within the United States Military working as a contractor on the popular America’s Army video game project published by the U.S. Army. From there, Monkey took his newfound interest in military gear and guns and applied it to making patches and from there he grew his business into what it is today. In this episode Monkey and I will be recapping some of our personal highlights from TriggrCon 2022, as well as some of his thoughts and opinions on various types of camouflage, and tactical gear that is currently making a resurgence in the industry today. Please welcome, Monkey, from MIL-SPEC Monkey to the show!

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TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #48: MIL-SPEC Monkey

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #48: MIL-SPEC Monkey

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