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Bipods For Your Favorite RifleThe Firearm Blog

Hello and welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 32! Bipods have been around nearly as long as firearms. Even primitive hand cannons made as far back as the 12th century have detailed records showing that these gargantuan blasters made use of simple poles or long sticks to stabilize the shooter’s position prior to the shot. Today we do pretty much the same thing (in some cases literally the same thing) but for most of us the trusty bipod has become a more nuanced piece of equipment with some people looking for the lightest possible option, and others looking for the toughest bipods that the planet has to offer. No matter what you’re after, we’ve compiled a handful of great options that are on sale so hopefully, you can round out your latest build with a simple piece of accurizing equipment that you can take with you anywhere your rifle goes.

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle


Regular Price: $94.99

Sale Price: $74.99

Vanguard’s popular Equalizer pivoting bi pod just got better! Equalizer QS has a picatinny rail system that allows shooters to attach and detach firearms faster than ever. Hunters appreciate its quick leg deployment. Its Pull and Position leg adjustment system enables you to quickly and safely reposition. A buffer spring reduces shock and vibration while providing a solid shooting base. It has a pivot tilt of 0 to 5 degrees and a -30 to +30-degree swing angle. Equalizer QS takes on an array of terrains with feet that convert from metal spikes to rubber. Equalizer 1QS is designed for prone position shooting.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

Pick up the Vanguard Equalizer 1QS Bipod for $74.99 from 

Harris S-BRM Bipod

Regular Price: $114.99

Sale Price: $103.99

Mounts to QD swivel studs on bolt action and single-shot rifles for ultimate field accuracy. Won’t change zero; added weight steadies gun. Spring-loaded, telescoping legs adjust quickly, fold parallel to barrel for carrying. Series 1A2 bipods have solid base and do not swivel or rotate. Series S bipods rotate 45° for instant leveling on uneven ground. Buffer springs and adjustable tension on hinged base help eliminate tremor. All Models available in either Series. All Adapters fit either Series bipods. Not recommended for lever actions.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

Pick up the Harris S-BRM Bipod for $103.99 from 

GPS LLC Military Model Grip Pod

Regular Price: $175.49

Sale Price: $140.99

Dual-function vertical grip locks to the bottom accessory rail of your tactical rifle’s forend to give you enhanced control during CQB and a stable bipod rest for precise long-range fire. The grip’s hand-filling contours and deep grooves provide a solid purchase even when your hands are wet. Hit the large, deeply grooved release button, and a powerful spring deploys the legs instantly. Conveniently placed for thumb activation, the button sits flush with the surrounding surface to prevent accidental deployment. Extended legs provide sufficient elevation for a standard 30-round magazine to clear the ground, and will not snag on brush, vehicle interior, or other gear when retracted. Legs and grip are made of tough, injection-molded polymer; steel cross-bolt with easy-grip thumbscrew locks directly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail to ensure a rock-solid fit. GPS-02 has steel inserts in legs for maximum strength in high-stress tactical operations.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

Pick up the GPS LLC Military Model Grip Pod for $140.99 from 

Magpul Bipod 

Regular Price: $104.45

Sale Price: $85.99

The Magpul Bipod is optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments. This bipod can be quickly and quietly transitioned between an almost endless variety of user configurations. And it’s built to last, too. Constructed of hardcoat anodized 6061 T6 aluminum, with stainless steel internals, and injection-molded reinforced polymer components to ensure years of dependable service – all while keeping weight to a minimum.

The result is a strong, lightweight (11 oz. all up!), versatile bipod that’s available in four models set up to mount quickly to the four most popular attachment systems: the classic MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, Magpul’s own innovative M-LOK® system, the popular A.R.M.S. 17S attachment interface, and a standard QD Sling Swivel Stud.

The Magpul Bipod features spring-tensioned legs that stow neatly forward and snap down and lock in place quickly when needed. At the push of a button, the legs extend a generous four inches, from 6.3″ to 10.3″, and lock securely at any one of the seven ½”-spaced locking detents. Magpul provides an industry-exclusive 50° of total tilt and 40° of total pan controlled by the glove-friendly knurled bipod locking knob – no tool required – that enables fast, easy adjustment between shots. (Please note that the QD Sling Stud mount versions do not have the pan function) Additionally, the Magpul Bipod has the exclusive ability

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

Pick up the Magpul Bipod on sale for $85.99 from 

Not On Sale But Worth Mentioning


Retail Price: $424.00

The Accu-Tac PC-4 bipod was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. This PC bipod is perfect for tactical, target, competition, and airgun shooting.  This is only a suggested use, this model is not exclusive for these applications.

The PC-4 is 100% billet, made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum available. This model has the versatility you want in a bipod with its 4 individual leg positions and 5 notch height options. It also has the ability to pan as well as cant, which can each be locked and secured individually with the adjustable lever. Our quick detach rail mount is simple, quick, and very secure; it attaches to a 1913 Picatinny rail and mounts in seconds without the need to use extra tools for tightening.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

TFB Weekly Web Deals 32: Bipods For Your Favorite Rifle

Pick up the ACCU-TAC PC-4 Bipod for $424.00 directly from the AccuTac website. 

That’s all the guns and gear we’ve got for you this week, folks. Let us know if you’ve found any great deals on firearms, parts, or accessories in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by to read TFB and we’ll see you all again next week!

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