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Homeowner Shoots and Kills Man Who Followed Him Into His Home and Attacked Him With a Rock [VIDEO]

The National Rifle Association’s headquarters is in Fairfax County, Virginia. And as affluent a neighborhood as that is, a defensive gun use that took place just down the road last week is a perfect illustration that the need to defend yourself with a firearm can happen anywhere and at any time.

According to media reports, the homeowner was attacked by a man he found on his property. The homeowner went inside to get a gun and was followed inside by the attacker.

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At the scene, officers found Eduardo Santos, 24, of Herndon, inside the home suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body. Life-saving measures were attempted, but Santos was pronounced dead by fire and rescue personnel. 

Detectives determined the homeowner saw Santos on his property and told him to leave. Santos then assaulted the homeowner with a stick. The homeowner attempted to retreat inside the home but was tackled by Santos and injured in the fall.

Police say the homeowner was eventually able to make it into his home and grabbed a gun. Santos entered the home with a large landscaping rock and advanced toward the homeowner. Santos made it several feet into the home before he was fatally shot. The homeowner was taken to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries. 

The homeowner’s wife and children were in the home at the time of the attack along with another person.


Investigators do not believe Santos and the homeowner knew each other. After canvassing the area, detectives determined Santos was in the area Wednesday afternoon for several hours. 

Officers received two calls for service involving Santos acting suspiciously. On one occasion, officers found him, but no crime was established. Santos refused to speak with police and walked away from the area. During the second incident, Santos was not found.

This incident is a perfect argument for those who advocate home carry.

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