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IR laser aiming and illumination devices are becoming more and more popular every year in the civilian market. Originally developed for military and law enforcement, Wilcox has announced that they will be making the RAID Xe commercially available. The RAID Xe is an update to the original RAID X that features a few minor changes to the housing and the control switch to allow for multiple mode activation options as well as allow the user to offset mount the device when rail space is limited.

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Two Years in the Making: The Wilcox RAID Xe Aiming/Illumination Device


The Wilcox RAID Xe™ is a high power laser aiming device designed specifically for the military and law enforcement markets. The RAID Xe is a smaller, lighter, stronger laser aiming device offering superior, uncompromising performance. The NIR room illuminator combined with the variable NIR VCSEL illuminator features best in class overall effective tactical solution in any low light combat situation.

The ultimate in beam clarity and uniformity with extraordinary reduction in illuminator speckle, RAID Xe increases the operator’s effectiveness and situational awareness.

Also available, the RAID Xe Low Power Laser Aiming Device.

Two Years in the Making: The Wilcox RAID Xe Aiming/Illumination Device

Unlike other offerings in this product space, the new RAID Xe is almost entirely made from metal and only features polymer on the top panel which houses the controls. While the civilian models aren’t out quite yet on the commercial market, they will indeed be coming in 2023 and will still include the VCSEL IR illuminator. Those who are interested in purchasing one should expect to pay slightly over what you’d pay for a MAWL at around the high $3,000 range although this price is subject to change pending the full release of the device. For more information, you can go to for a full list of products and specifications or check out the full technical data sheet here.

Two Years in the Making: The Wilcox RAID Xe Aiming/Illumination Device

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