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War in Ukraine Impacts Lapua Ammunition Production -The Firearm Blog

Finnish ammunition manufacturer Lapua have announced the suspension of some of their ammunition components due to “continued high product demand and the prevailing market conditions”. In the announcement, Lapua pointed to the ongoing “Ukraine situation” putting pressure on the availability of some materials used in ammunition production.

Lapua @ TFB:

The Lapus announcement states:

the availability of some of our products is unfortunately limited and delivery times have become extended. To better serve our civilian and military obligations, some of our components will be temporarily suspended from production. This is due to prioritizing production lines.

Lapua looked to reassure customers by explaining that while “some Lapua products will probably be out of stock in many places in the world for some time to come. This doesn’t mean that we are cancelling any products.” They noted that it is their intention to resume production of the temporarily suspended products as soon as ‘market conditions stabilize.’

War in Ukraine Impacts Lapua Ammunition Production

Lapua also disposed that they are in the process of establishing new production capacity:

We’re also taking necessary steps at our production sites to improve production capabilities with e.g. new production lines installed during 2023 and 2024.

We work as hard as we can every day on all of our sites to produce high-quality ammo and components for you and aim to serve you at normal levels as soon as possible.

Here are the cases Lapua has announced will be temporarily suspended:

4PH5002 – .222 Remington Match Brass
4PH5001 – .22-250 Remington Brass
4PH6022 – 6 mm Creedmoor Brass
4PH6010 – 6,5 x 47 Lapua Brass
4PH6020 – 6,5 mm Grendel Brass
4PH6030 – 6,5 x 284 Brass
4PH6050 – .260 Remington Brass
4PH7095 – 7 mm – 08 Remington Brass
4PH7105 – 7 x 64 Brass
4PH7107 – 7 x 65R Brass
4PH7284 – .284 Winchester Brass
4PH7226 – .308 Win Palma Brass (Small Primer)
4PH7215 – 7,62 x 53R Brass
4PH8030 – 8 x 57 IS Brass
4PH8031 – 8 x 57 IRS Brass

The full announcement can be found on Lapua’s website here.

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