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Tyrant Designs’ New SIG SAUER P320 Aluminum Magazine Extensions

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From Tyrant Designs . . .

Welcome to the best AND easiest installing Sig Sauer P320 magazine extension on the market! Add 5 rounds to your factory mag in seconds with our magazine extension!

Utilizing the Tyrant CNC “NoBak” magazine extension technology, these Sig Sauer P320 magazine extensions are the fastest and easiest installing mag extension on the market. Drop your mags faster, and grab them easily with their 6000 series aluminum,  CNC machined inlay. The extensions are made to fit both compact and full size frames when installed on their respective 15 and 17 round SIG P320 magazines. 10% power spring included with purchase. 

Why do they install so quickly? We use the Tyrant CNC “NoBak” retention plunger technology that allows the magazine extension to easily slide onto the bottom of your magazine! The entire install happens in 10 seconds or less and with no tools.

Want to take it off? Easy, just push the plunger down and slide the magazine base plate off!

Our SIG SAUER P320 magazine base pads are CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum. This gives any operator the added weight needed for your base pad to drop free and fast. Our mag extensions instantly add 5 rounds to your 9mm Sig Sauer P320.

With an added knurl our Sig Sauer P320 mag extension is easy to grasp in any condition, making reloads faster than our competitors.

There is no easier and quicker way to add the much needed capacity to your Sig Sauer P320 than with our Sig Sauer magazine extension.

Whether you are an avid concealed carrier, an active competitive shooter or anything in-between, our P320 Magazine Extension is the solution!


  • Sig Sauer P320
  • Works on 15 and 17 round SIG SAUER P320 magazines
  • Does fit on AXG frame without their magwell
  • Does fit on Wilson Combat frame if frame is modified
  • Does fit iCarus frame if frame is modified
  • Does fit Agency Arms frame if frame is modified
  • Does Not fit 10, 12, 21 round SIG SAUER P320 magazines


  • Purchase includes new power spring
  • Quickest installing Magazine Extension EVER
  • Adds 5 rounds of 9mm
  • Added control and increased purchase
  • Smooth chamfered edges


Length- 1.15″
Width- .90″
Weight-1.3 oz

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