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POTD: Lantac Battle Raven LA-M4

The year 2022 started with a bang and TBF’s Photo Of The Day has never been so diversified. Today we have Lantac UK‘s picture of their Battle Raven LA-M4, which is said to be using completely new alloys that deliver a 14% strength gain combined with an 8% weight loss. Overall it’s a very good-looking rifle, but I’m a little concerned about the minimal space between the suppressor and the handguard. The Magpul UBR is a great stock, but perhaps not the lightest of them all.

The details of the published contract tender notice say the U.K. Rangers are looking for a “Rifle System comprising of a Rifle and a detachable Signature Reduction System and An Optic System that complements the Rifle and is ballistically matched to the stated ammunition nature and supplied barrel length.”

The new rifle is supposed to replace the UK’s standard issue SA80/L85 bullpup rifles.

Furthermore, according to the tender, the rifle should be a: “5.56mm Armalite Rifle (AR Platform) optimised for use with L15A2, a 62gr 5.56×45 NATO ball round, equivalent to SS109.”

Enter the Lantac Battle Raven LA-M4? We shall see.

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