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Taran Tactical Terminal List Glock 19

The Terminal List is an Amazon series based on the novel by Jack Carr. The Taran Tactical Terminal List Glock 19 is based on the pistol used in the series. (Photo credit: Taran Tactical)

The Terminal List Connection

Jack Carr broke onto the writing scene, in 2018, with his first novel. The Terminal List became a New York Times bestseller and made James Reece a household name. Through a series of events, the novel was optioned by Amazon Prime and became an eight-part series. As with the novel, the series paid close attention to the details of gear and guns. Amazon Prime Terminal List

In the series, James Reece is a Navy SEAL on a mission to avenge the deaths of his teammates. His pistol of choice is a Taran Tactical custom Glock 19. Gary Tuers, the owner of Xtreme Props & Weapons, was the prop master for the series. Working with Taran Butler, he came up with a very functional build that fit the Reece character. If you have not watched the series, you have missed out. It has some of the most accurate gun handling since Way of the Gun!

After the series launched, and due to popular demand, Taran Tactical started offering the package to their customers. The package is available on Gen3, as well as on Gen4 and Gen5 Glocks with a slight modification. Due to California law, Taran Tactical is only building the package on new Glock Gen3 guns.

Despite high demand, Taran Tactical was kind enough to provide a sample for this review.

The TL Glock 19 Build

Taran Tactical Terminal Package

Thanks to Matt Yonkers, I was fortunate to be able to obtain a TLG19 from Taran Tactical Innovations. The pistol came in a nice pistol rug that was embroidered with the TTI logo and included a single 10-round magazine with a +O magazine extension. I ordered several +2/3 and one +4/5 magazine extension for my personal magazines. The TTI magazine extensions are machined from billet aluminum and are extremely well made.

The TLG19 build is based on functional practicality and is designed to be a hard-use personal defense pistol.

The TLG19 build sheet is not exotic but meets the definition of “everything you need and nothing you don’t.” Opening the box, my first impression was that this is a professional’s working gun. It is definitely not a Gucci Glock! The build features a custom grip reduction that is complemented by a full wrap stippling. Ambidextrous accelerator cuts are added to the frame to provide an additional surface for a positive purchase for the support hand thumb. They also scallop cut the base of the trigger guard to enable a higher grip on the frame. On the Gen3 pistols, TTI does a scallop cut around the magazine release for easier access. A TTI machined aluminum magazine well is fitted for improved reloads.

TTI performs a grip reduction and a full wrap stippling on the TLG19. It is a definite improvement over the stock Gen3 19.
The stippling is nicely bordered and the magazine release relief is cleanly executed.
A custom carbon fiber striker plate, etched with the TTI logo, is standard on the TLG19 as are Trijicon HD XR sights.

Internally, the TLG19 has received a Carry Trigger Job that is tuned and set for a 4 lbs. to 4.5 lbs. trigger pull. The trigger pull on our test gun averaged precisely 4.5 lbs. The factory recoil spring is replaced with an ISMI 15 lb. spring with a captured recoil spring rod. The package includes Trijicon’s excellent HD XR Night Sights and a carbon fiber striker plate that is etched with the Taran Tactical Innovations logo.

The TTI magazine well is machined from billet aluminum and is a very functional accessory.
The crew at Taran Tactical performed a carry trigger package on the TLG19 that includes polishing the internal components.
An ISMI 15-pound recoil spring, with a fixed guide rod, is standard on the Terminal List package.
As with the magazine well, the Taran Tactical magazine extensions are machined from aluminum. They come with a replacement magazine spring to ensure 100% reliability.

Range Time

Over the course of several weeks, I ran close to 800 rounds through the TLG19. Early on I had two failures to feed with the 10-round magazine. I discarded that magazine and ran my high-capacity magazines that I had set up with the TTI magazine extensions. From that point on, I had zero malfunctions. During the range sessions, I wanted to run a wide variety of ammunition through the pistol. I chronographed some 12 loads that ranged from Double Tap’s 80 gr. +P load to Black Hills’ 124 +P JHP. All ran without any issues.

For some formal testing, I settled on two loads from Black Hills and Speer’s 124 gr. +P Gold Dot Short Barrel load. In the novel, Reece used Black Hills ammo and I appreciate the company providing me with their 124 +P and 115 +P loads for the article. The chart below reflects our range results with the TLG19.

Black Hills Ammunition

The TLG19 was 100% reliable with 12 different loads. The shooter shown is David Stokes who is dressed in film-correct clothing.
The combination of the grip reduction, and the stippling, provided an improved shooting experience when compared with a stock Gen3 19.
Taran Tactical Terminal List Glock 19
Manufacturer Load Average Velocity Extreme Spread Accuracy
Black Hills  JHP 124+P 1.088 fps 17 fps  1.5”
Black Hills JHP 115 +P 1,220 fps 41 fps  3”
Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 124 +P  1.210 fps 23 fps 1 7/8”
Velocity measures at 10 ft/Accuracy Off-Hand from 20 Yards

We shot a number of drills with the TLG19 to include the Test. For those who are not familiar with this drill, it consists of shooting 10 shots, from 10 yards, with a par time of 10 seconds. It is shot on a B-8 bullseye target and scored using the values on the target. I shot the Test with both the Black Hills 115 +P and 124 +P load. I scored 92/100 and 95/100 respectively.

The target from the “Test” reflects a score of 95 out of 100.

I really liked the full wrap checkering and, when combined with the grip reduction, the TLG19 felt really good in my hands. The trigger break was very clean and predictable. The Trijicon sights were easy to obtain and track through the recoil. During reloads, I appreciated not only the magazine well but the TTI magazine extensions. They not only provide additional rounds but aid in positive seating of the magazine.

Final Impressions

I would like the TLG19 even if it wasn’t associated with a very cool book and television series. The modifications are practical and very much what I like to see on a working gun. From a personal preference, I would have liked a smooth trigger and a square rear sight notch, instead of a “U” notch. Those are very minor things to complain about. I would seriously consider carrying the TLG19 on a daily basis.

This is a screenshot from the series showing Chris Pratt, as James Reece, with his TLG19. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Yes, factory Glocks are reliable and functional. But Taran Tactical Innovations has refined the Glock 19 to address some of the shortcomings of the factory pistol. For those not wanting a complete build, TTI does offer a la carte services for stippling, trigger work, and other options. Give TTI a look and see what may meet your wants or needs!

Taran Tactical Terminal Package TLG19
Base Pistol Glock 19 Gen3
Caliber 9mm
Length Overall 7.36
Height 5.25”
Barrel 4”
Weight 25.5 oz.
Action Striker Fired/Safe Action
Capacity 15 +1 (10+1 CA Compliant)
Sights Trijicon XD XR Night Sights
MSRP As Tested $1,599.00

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