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Gun-Hating Media Recycle NRA Instructor’s Support For Gun Control After Colorado Springs Shooting

Steven Lollo. Screen capture by Boch via TikTok.

Meet Steven Lollo. He’s supposedly an NRA firearms instructor working at the Long Island Shooters Club. He spoke in support of gun control after the Bruen decision came down this past summer. Mr. Lollo’s comments are now getting recycled on social media following the shooting in a Colorado Springs gay nightclub this past weekend.

Something called the “Newstokss” media outlet on the CCP-owned Tik Tok platform found this guy talking about his support for stricter gun control laws. A Chinese state-affiliated media outlet initially used this guy to advocate for more gun control in America after Bruen was handed down.

Now Newstokss has dug him up after the Colorado Springs shooting this weekend, making him appear to be the voice of the NRA when it comes to his support for more unconstitutional gun control measures. And they’re running him front and center.

Lollo probably had no idea the anti-gun left would try to make him the poster boy for supporting gun control not only in the wake of Bruen, but possibly after every mass casualty event for years to come. Whatever he was thinking he comes across as a total Fudd.

@newstokss Certified NRA firearms instructor, Steven Lollo, shared his views on the new gun legislation being proposed in America after recent mass shootings. #news #newstok #newstoks #nra #gunrights #guncontrol ♬ original sound – NewsToks

He says, “I don’t have a problem with upping the age to have a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21. Okay. I don’t have a problem with that…”

Fair enough. That’s a reasonable opinion even though the Second Amendment doesn’t have exceptions for 18 to 20-year-old adults.

Mr. Gunsite Academy cap then says, in so many words, if you are from 18 to 20 and want to have a semi-automatic rifle, you should join the military. Why? Because there are corporals, sergeants, etc. there to supervise the use of these “weapons.”

“Some 18-year-old child buys the gun… maybe he’s got mental illness. Where’s the supervision? There isn’t any.”

An 18-year-old child? Maybe the purchaser has a mental illness? Col. Cooper would roll over in his grave if he heard this guy referring to grown men as children.

Does Mr. NRA instructor mean “children” like these?

Image via US Army.

Lollo’s TikTok clip was taken from an interview featured in a longer, anti-gun story by another international news aggregator.

Mr. Lollo — the “certified NRA Nassau County master firearms instructor” — should keep his political opinions supporting gun control to himself if he’s going to wave his NRA instructor credentials around in front of reporters. Only a naïve fool would fail to realize how the anti-gun mainstream media would use him like a rented mule to further their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

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