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Gangs Hunting, Assassinating Rivals for Sport in Chicago [VIDEO]

Screen capture by Boch via Twitter.

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Murder City, USA has long been recognized as America’s largest open-air shooting range.  With police effectively prohibited from chasing suspects, along with politicians, prosecutors and courts that refuse to hold bad guys accountable, it’s easy to see why the streets now belong to the criminals. Now, a just-released video shows just how bad things have become.

In the video, an apparent gang member pulls a gun on another man leaving a convenience store. The Cadillac owner had just paid a king’s ransom for a few gallons of gas when the attacker approaches with a gun.

It looks like any other carjacking until the perp opens fire and chases down the car owner while shooting him over and over. And then a few more times for good measure.

Caution: Not safe for work.

Wirepoints has covered the breakdown of Chicago’s “woke” criminal justice system at length. It’s bad. Here’s the story . . .

Six signposts of Chicago’s “progressive” law and order breakdown

Here are six clear indications that progressive apologetics have undermined public safety, with the toxic effects most deeply felt in Chicago’s black communities.

    • Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk, foot chases and car chases.
    • It is open season on the police. A new state law mandates local police misconduct complaints can now be made anonymously. Police face growing violent hostility, including killings and attacks on police cars. As a result, Police decide to de-police – and to depart. District patrol manpower has shrunk in Chicago.
    • The streets have been confiscated by miscreants. Chicago enjoys near-record high carjackings, plus trigger-happy “takeover” crews who appropriate the city’s streets for stunt driving events but rarely suffer any consequences.
    • Vehicle-borne armed robbery crews victimize pedestrians in organized sweeps, and catalytic converter thieves protected by gunmen make the rounds as well. Chicago’s streets are increasingly dystopian.
    • Courts have surrendered. In Cook County they have become a revolving door. Alleged criminals awaiting trial are freed on low-cash or no-cash bail, but at least 15,000 times since late 2017 have then been charged with new crimes. The number is dramatically low-balled for myriad reasons. Here are just two. One is the vast extent of unreported crime nationally. Some 60 percent of non-murder violent victimizations are unreported as are two-thirds of property crimes. Another is that for those few crimes that are reported, Chicago has a negligible arrest rate.
    • Emergency response has been maimed. More than half of high-priority 911 calls languished without a timely response last year, and the problem continued this year as top Chicago Police Department (CPD) supervisors now “code out” so-called “backlogged” 911 calls to hide the problem. At such times and without a reported physical injury, officers may not show up to take a report. Voila, crime is down. It is “Defund The Police” without the defunding.
    • The rhetoric is fierce, and destructive. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Chicago chapter – representing six Chicago aldermen – calls Chicago Police a “white supremacist” organization. A DSA alderman’s aide refers to CPD officers as “pigs” and draws concerns from local residents who say they need protection. Local activists encourage looting. And Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle describes murders like that of hard-working hairdresser and mother of six Tamiko Talbert, a black woman, as due to Covid plus “historic disinvestment and marginalization.” Official Chicago’s progressive tropes on race are a doubling-down of disinformation riven with the arrogance of unfettered power and callous indifference to wrenching daily tragedies in the city’s black communities.

Blacks make up three-quarters of the victims of homicides and non-fatal shootings in Chicago. These are the real victims of “progressive” politicians’ defunding, decarceration, zero bail and non-prosecution policies.

But the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, saves her righteous indignation not for the 656 Chicago homicide victims that have been cut down under her watch (or the 2692 people maimed in non-fatal shootings), but for five dead in Colorado Springs.

Chicagoans are increasingly on their own in a city with a feral criminal population. The more they vote for politicians like those who have put these policies in place, the more chance they stand of becoming their victims.

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