Happy Thanksgiving From The Truth About Guns


There are lots of reasons that Thanksgiving ranks up there with many American’s favorite holidays. There are not decorations required, no lights to put up and no presents to exchange. It’s based on just being, whether it’s a small gathering with your immediate family or a big get-together with friends and relatives, all you have to do is be there and enjoy a good meal.

So wherever you may live and whatever your circumstances may be, Americans can always find lots to be thankful for. Whether it’s good health, family members we can reasonably tolerate, or just heaps of moist, delicious sage and sausage stuffing and gravy, remember that we live in the greatest nation on Earth with freedoms that most of the rest of the world can only dream of.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner today. Have a piece of pie and be grateful for what you have. Oh, and don’t forget to give a thought to our precious Second Amendment freedoms. Not that you would.

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