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Rounding up the biggest themes from the Reagan Defense Forum [VIDEO]

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin delivered the keynote at this year’s Reagan National Defense Forum. Said Austin, “Our job is simple. And we don’t lose focus because of polls or politics. The U.S. military is here to fight and win our nation’s wars.” (Brendon Smith/Breaking Defense)

REAGAN NATIONAL DEFENSE FORUM — Well, that’s one way to spend a Saturday.

The all-day Reagan National Defense Forum has ended, but that doesn’t mean the news will stop coming. Check back frequently in the coming days for more stories from the conference. But for now, Breaking Defense editor-in-chief Aaron Mehta and Valerie Insinna, Breaking Defense’s Pentagon and Air Warfare reporter, break down the biggest takeaways from the event.

Stay with Breaking Defense throughout the week as more stories from Reagan go live on the website.


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