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XS Sights new Gunsmith Sight Pusher (Matt Moss/TFB)

If you’ve ever dreaded drifting out a front sight or scratched up your slide while swapping out your pistol’s sights then XS Sights have the tool for you. At SHOT Show 2023, they showed us their new in-line sight pusher models; a DIY version and one designed for gunsmiths.

XS Sights new DIY Sight Pusher (Matt Moss/TFB)

The new tool has a brass pusher to prevent scratches to your pistol’s slide and the sights. The open-topped pushers are made from a block of machined aluminium and securely hold and align with your sights using a plastic shim. Both pushers have a centering scale to allow precise positioning. The DIY sight pusher is used with an Allen wrench/key and when wound uses a simple screw to advance the pusher in a controlled way putting even pressure on the sight you’re either removing or installing.

Close Up: XS Sights new DIY Sight Pusher – note the brass pusher and the centering scale markings on the brass pusher (Matt Moss/TFB)

The ‘pro’ model features a lever, in place of the Allen wrench, which also has a magnet at one end to help retain small sight screws. Both pushes can be actuated with one hand. MSRP on the DIY pusher is $150 while the gunsmith model comes in at $200.

XS Sights new R3D 2.0 (Matt Moss/TFB)

XS Sights new R3D 2.0 rear sight (Matt Moss/TFB)

Also in the pipeline from XS are their new R3D 2.0 sights. The R3D 2.0s come with a black nitride finish and a serrated rear which cuts down on glare on the rear sight. The RD3 2.0 will be available for pistols of all major brands, just as the original RD3 is. MSRP will run between $125 and $155 depending on the model and XS expect them to be ready for shipping in March.

Find out more about XS Sights’ new products at www.xssights.com

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